About us

The TTM Story

“Back then we made a pledge to shake-up the world of recruitment and disrupt the ‘expected’ service our sector has traditionally provided. And it’s simple really – it’s about really understanding what our partners want and need from us and being genuinely interested to deliver exactly that!”

Every week TTM Healthcare Solutions sends 3200 people to work in temporary roles in the healthcare market across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. In excess of 3600 people are placed in permanent jobs every month, and we have a total portfolio of 3600 staff, including Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Social Care Workers and Healthcare Assistants. Our HQ is in Ennis in the West of Ireland, and we also have a bustling office in Manchester.

We understand that now more than ever, our partners are focused on developing smarter processes and ways of working to deliver better patient and service user outcomes. In the highly specialised world of healthcare, TTM are proud to be recognised as the proven provider of end-to-end healthcare process outsourcing, supporting our partners internal processes and teams. Healthcare Process Outsourcing (HPO) allows you to outsource your noncore activities to TTM’s expert teams who specialise in providing Healthcare Workforce SolutionsHealthcare Business Process Outsourcing and Clinical & Administrative Healthcare Services.

And the fuel for it all has been that thing we call potential. Mixed with a splash of maverick and generous helping of interest in people. It’s what gets us out of bed every morning, makes us superheroes at work, and has allowed us to truly shake up the world of recruitment. It’s a theme that’s been with us from the start - when Brian Crowley started the business in 2002, with just a copy of the Golden Pages, and a drive to create a company that people want and love to be a part of – and which our talent and partners choose to work with.

And we knew exactly how we needed to do it: by simply having a real interest in our partners and talent. Sitting down with them to understand their needs and their pain points. Talking. Listening. Learning. And we can do this because we care on a whole other level. When you’re placing doctors and nurses, you know only too well the impact that this has on lives – and the ripple effect if we don’t do a good job, or we don’t fill a shift. We will never take this lightly. We knew too, that to deliver on this we needed the very best people on our team.

As TTM Healthcare Solutions has evolved, we have remained true to the core values TTM was founded on. Today, our Family Principles truly expresses who we are, how we show up each day and how we approach every challenge. We truly live these values, such as ‘Realising Potential’, 'Fast Evidence-Based Decision Making' and ‘Have Fun & Celebrate Success’. Every day we feel the benefit of this collective way of thinking and we know that our talent and partners feel these benefits too.

I’m privileged to be part of something truly exceptional in Ireland’s Mid-West – where we’re holding our own as a world-class company.

Here’s to the potential of all of us!”

Paula McDonnell -CEO

Paula McDonnell, Managing Director of TTM Healthcare

What Makes Us Different?

TTM isn't just a company - it's a way of working, an energy and a culture that delivers rewarding experiences and it all comes down to our Family Principles. At TTM we truly live these principles – they form the foundations of our core identity and inform how we work with our talent and partners. Here are some of our Family Principles that make TTM different:

We Realise Potential

At TTM Healthcare Solutions we are dedicated to the realising potential of our tribe, talent and partners, from the inside-out. We know only too well that we’re an ever-growing company built on people, so everything we do supports our people. We regularly offer world-class education and training sessions to help our teams deliver extraordinary experiences.

We have Fun and Celebrate Success

TTM is about people, a human experience – really finding your tribe. We acknowledge and celebrate all our wins. We laugh, we pay compliments, we appreciate and we value progress over performance. Our teams have fun every day in different ways. Fun can’t be scheduled.

We Know Ourselves to Know Each Other

At TTM we believe that it's difficult to know each other if we don’t know ourselves first. This is why our people take the time to truly get to know themselves. We know our strengths, weaknesses and personality and have an unmatched level of self-awareness. This means we are always best placed to work collaboratively with our talent and partners.

We Make the World Better

We truly believe change starts with each of us and that collectively, we can make a big impact. Our focus on realising potential makes a difference in the lives of our talent and partners. We are focused on improving our environmental behaviours, our daily wellbeing, promoting diversity and inclusion, as well as how we contribute to our community.

Meet Our Team

How Our Team Delivers

We really believe that TTM Healthcare Solutions people are special. It’s because we have a very clear picture of who we are, the Family Principles we hold close are the shared vision we’re all working towards. Here are some of our TTM Family Principles deliver for our talent and partners:

We are Customer Obsessed

We’re a true team of sales superheroes, there for our talent and partners. We understand what they want and are totally focused on delivering the best partner and talent experience we can. We ‘walk in their shoes’ and it shows in how we work and the results we achieve.

Clear Why Us

Our entire team are clear on our “Why Us”. We understand what makes us stand out to our talent and partners and are committed to delivering on this. We have a fire in our belly to build something great and have a hunger to ensure everyone outside TTM has as clear a "Why Us" as we do.

The Best User Experience

​We regularly walk in the shoes of our talent and partners, so we can best understand their goals, their needs and the user experience we offer. We put people at the centre of everything we do and can always see the world through their eyes. To offer the best user experience we strive to have the best internal teams, with the best tools to hand.

We Make Fast Evidence-Based Decisions

At TTM we put ourselves out there – to challenge and question conventional wisdom. If there’s a new, smarter way of getting the job done – we’ll find it. We look for the facts and hard data, take the time to understand its implications and move fast. We want to make the right decisions, quickly. We favour simple practical solutions and ultimately we never procrastinate.