Achieving a Degree in Recruitment with ERF

03 August 2022

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World’s First Recruitment Degree

Recruitment has always been an exciting and rewarding career – but in Ireland it’s achieving next level status and recognition with the introduction of an Executive Apprenticeship BA (Hons) Degree in Recruitment Practice. This exciting world-first gives recruiters the opportunity to blend working while studying for a QQ1 Level 8 qualification.

At TTM Healthcare Solutions (TTM) we’re proud to share that, with our support, two of our recruiters Roisin Sheehan and Leona Daly are entering their third year of this career-enhancing journey.

Interested in following in their footsteps? Here’s all the information you need to know…

About the Degree in Recruitment Practice

The Apprenticeship has been introduced by the Employment and Recruitment Federation in partnership with the National College of Ireland. This is a 3-year apprenticeship degree which sees students working four days a week in their recruitment job with one designated college day. TTM is offering this opportunity to any interested recruiters, once they have passed their probation and subject to an interview with the company.

AHP Team Leader at TTM, Roisin Sheehan, and Acting Team Leader, Leona Daly are both about to embark on their third year of the course and have found it “an amazing opportunity for career development and a really unique chance to enjoy supported study while working full-time”.

Supporting TTMs Commitment to Learning

TTM has chosen to support the degree course as part of our commitment to helping our #ttmTribe power their potential. This specialised qualification is ideal for anyone within the company who is committed to a long-term career in recruitment: the course is fully funded by TTM, requires a 3-year commitment and is non-transferable.

Roisin believes the degree is a huge step forward for those pursuing a career in recruitment: “It’s so great to see recruitment recognised within further education and as a career in its own right. It says how much the industry has evolved. It’s also amazing to see TTM getting behind it and supporting its recruiters in growth and development”.

TTM Mentors All the Way

Leona outlines the format of the degree course: “The degree is assignment-based, with continuous assessment, and provides a combination of engaging lectures and practical, on-the-job learning. All assignments focus on relevant content which you can bring into your work as a recruiter, such as in your business proposals and sales presentations. And of course, you can transfer your day-to-day knowledge and work experience to your projects. There’s great synergy between study and work”.

As work-based learning, one of the key features of the course is the appointment of your own Mentor within TTM – to support and lend guidance as to how you approach your assignments. So far, Leona and Roisin have enjoyed the mentorship of Louise Dwyer and Peter Clifford who have played an invaluable role in their achievements. At the same time, you’re appointed a Mentor within the National College of Ireland, so there’s lots of opportunity to learn and grow.

The course comprises two semesters which run for 13 weeks each, and there are 10 classes in each semester. Apprentices attend classes 1 day a week – 6 of which are face-to-face teaching days per academic year with 12 teaching days run as virtual classrooms along with 2 virtual learning environment days. The degree gives you access to world-class trainers and lecturers – including President of the National Recruitment Federation, Donal O'Donoghue.

Supporting Your Personal Development

The degree course has been specifically developed to grow your knowledge across all recruitment operations – from sales to marketing and negotiation skills. It’s designed to help you optimise your recruitment revenue and reach your client and candidate targets more easily – so that you can grow and advance in your career.

“Continuing Professional Development is a big part of the course. Each year of your studies you identify several areas and goals you want to focus on, and continually review your progress. As a result, I have greatly improved my presentation, negotiation, and IT skills. You also have a lot of interaction with other members of the recruitment sector and learn from them. The networking opportunities are huge – and this has really helped my confidence”, says Roisin.

A Fully Comprehensive Course

The Course covers everything from an introduction to recruitment practice, to ICT Skills and Career Management Skills. “In my first year, I found the Candidate Strategy especially valuable. It covers how to source candidates and how to best attract them, and it has helped me so much in my day-to-day work”, says Roisin.

“Second year modules included Employment Law for Recruitment which really helped me get to grips with the complexities. We’re really excited now to see what our third year holds”, says Leona. You can read more about what the course covers.

Plan to Succeed

Of course, the degree course is a commitment that will take time and hard work, but the workload is manageable if you you’re organised and plan well:

“Having the support of TTM has made a world of difference. My Team Leader, my Manager and my whole team is behind me on this, and gives me what I need to succeed”, says Leona.

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