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Why Work For Us?

“Why just have a job when you can have an experience? Why settle for a career when there’s an exciting journey ahead?  Bringing cutting edge, creative practices, our goal is to make a positive impact on everyone who works with us. We’re here to share world-class employee experiences – so every day we create, innovate and collaborate. And if it’s not fun, we’re not doing it right!”

Paula McDonnell,

Managing Director

What Makes Us A Tribe?

What TTM offers

Whether it’s feeling and being rewarded for your hard work, enjoying a fabulous Wellness day at work, or kicking-back at a fun get-together – our spirit of ‘Enhancing the Quality of People’s Lives’ is felt at every desk, on every corridor, and in each of our creative spaces. We set out to make work a fun place to be, a place where people want to come and be the best they can be, and we believe we’re achieving it. TTM is about people, a human experience – and truly finding your tribe. To read our blog on the many reasons you should join TTM's Tribe, click HERE.

There’s an energy

You feel the TTM Healthcare energy the minute you walk in the door. There’s a buzz, a movement, a feel to the place that is lacking in so many big corporate recruitment agencies. What’s behind it? We think it’s our spirit of empowerment, of creativity, of ‘can-do’ and ‘let’s do it’. It’s also a spirit of belief in every TTM person:  an unconditional belief that they are and will achieve great things.

There’s communication

We’re proud of our extraordinary level of collaboration and communication at TTM:  information-sharing, openness, feedback and clarity are non-negotiable, and we’ve put the systems and tools in place to make it happen. Like Workplace – which keeps us all communicating, all of the time.   

There’s reward 

We have a progressive new team member programme called Pioneers of Potential – a recognition initiative that is peer-to-peer driven. Each month, team members nominate their colleagues who they believe best embody our values and way of working. We use Workplace to recognise,  nominate and award our ‘rock stars of the month’ – and use this forum to celebrate success and achievements.

​There's responsibility

Our CSR Committee ensures we share our successes with the communities we serve by donating time and resources to the things that matter most. Each year our team nominate two company charities of the year which our fundraising efforts throughout the year contribute to. In 2020 our Irish based teams are supporting Milford Hospice and our UK tribe, the NSPCC.

There’s empathy and understanding

Our ‘Walk in My Shoes’ initiative is designed to make sure every team member really understands the day-to-day realities of their colleagues. So that team members can see the impact of their role on other teams, and the overall company – they sit with their peers and gain insight into their responsibilities, challenges and goals. Our business is people- so people always comes first. From single people to grandparents and LGBT+ we've a lovely mixed bag of the best people!

There’s learning and development

We have invested the time to develop a two to four year Learning and Development strategic plan – to make it part of our DNA that team members are afforded the opportunities to grow and advance. A combination of internal team members, external trainers and experts on different topics, delivers on this – and the plan is supported by Enterprise Ireland. We offer learning and development in:  Yellow Belt, Green Belt, Black Belt, Visual Management, Process Mapping, Customer Journey Mapping, Strategy Development and Lean Demand Planning.

There’s all-round wellness

Our Wellness and Diversity Committee has put a programme in place to deliver different lifestyle and wellness initiatives. The kind of thing that can really make a difference in your life – to your home-life, peace of mind, health and social life. Fitness, nutrition, mindset and finance are just some of the topics we include – while each of our offices have their own local activities to complement, including yoga, meditation, mindfulness and diversity events.

Our Places

  • TTM Manchester

    57 Spring Gardens, Manchester

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  • TTM HQ, Ennis, Co. Clare

    Block 3, Ballymaley Business Park, Ballymaley, Ennis, Co Clare

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  • There’s a unique energy and passion about this Northern Soul town – and you’ll feel its embrace when you step into our Manchester home.

    We’re based in one of the most cosmopolitan and stylish buildings in Manchester – perfectly reflecting the vibrant culture and urban edge of the city, and of our company. It’s contemporary, bright and elegant while being intimate and welcoming. Our spirit of ‘together’ is palpable throughout – from our very own funky office space, to the many break-out zones and communal areas where we meet up to share ideas, plan the day, kick-back and relax. Our people our fun, vibrant, driven and dynamic – and from single people to grandparents and LGBT, we’re as eclectic and diverse as our brilliant home town.

  • We’re really proud of our beautiful, funky, creative and innovative new HQ in Ennis.

    If ever a space could make the spirit of TTM come alive – this is it! We love welcoming people to our brand new workspace for 150 staff, that is packed full of quirky décor, every home-from-home comfort and a fabulous super-heroes theme: our symbol for ‘potential’. The office is full of nooks and crannies, collaborative spaces and lounges furnished in a curious mix of living room-style cosy and hipster-inspired wooden pallets. It just works – and you’ll feel it!  It is our story!

  • TTM Manchester

  • TTM HQ, Ennis, Co. Clare