Health & Social Care Trusts In Northern Ireland

Throughout Northern Ireland, there are a number of Health and Social Care (HSC) organisations, agencies, networks, partnerships, charities and programmes that deliver a wide range of health services, however there are five core organisations which employ Band 5 Nurses:

These HSC Trusts deliver a wide range of Health and Social Care Services to the population of Northern Ireland, and each have a variety of Community and Acute Hospital based services - including sub-acute care for older people.

The Trusts deliver services both locally - within the Trust boundaries - and on a country wide basis. Below is a map of Northern Ireland showing the different Trust boundaries.

Whilst some Trusts cover smaller geographical areas than others, the populations served are relatively similar. A few statistics are set out below.

All HSC trusts adhere to the the same core values, which cover the themes of:

  • Treating all with dignity and respect
  • Openness and honesty
  • Excellence in delivering services
  • Valuing and supporting staff
  • Listening and learning

The HSC in Northern Ireland has an enviable track record of delivering high quality services, and we welcome you to our team!

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