Progressing Your Career with TTM

24 August 2022

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Progressing Your Career with TTM Healthcare Solutions 

They say success isn’t a destination, it’s a journey – and this is definitely the case at TTM Healthcare Solutions (TTM). Because every member of the #ttmTribe is on a journey: a career journey that develops and progresses constantly, with the support and interest of the whole company. We’re committed to helping our people ‘Realise Potential’ – to be the best they can be by acquiring skills and taking on new opportunities. It’s one of the things that makes working at TTM a remarkable experience.

We thought we’d give you a closer view of what this looks like. Here we chat to two team members who are currently with us on work placement Katie Shanahan and Niamh Brennan. Read about their personal experiences and career progression at TTM.

It’s great to be talking to you! Can you introduce yourselves?

Katie: I’m Katie Shanahan from Tipperary and I’m in my fourth year at TUS, doing Business with Digital Marketing. I’m part of the Social Care division here.

Niamh: I’m Niamh Brennan from Clare and I’m a final year Marketing and Management student at TUS. I’ve joined the Brand and Marketing Team.

What do your roles here involve?

Katie: I’m part of the Social Care division – helping to recruit Social Care professionals. I received very detailed training when I joined TTM and now my work includes posting the ads for jobs online and along with the team I screen any candidates who apply for the positions, checking their experience and suitability. Then I pass the candidates on to Compliance to take it from there. I’m learning so much about the whole process.

Niamh: I work with Paula and Sean in the Brand and Marketing Department, and I love it. I’ve been working on TTM’s Social media channels – adding posts, responding to community questions, helping to build out our Employer Brand online. I help with our candidate and client newsletters. I’ve been supporting on Website maintenance, building webpages, activating our blogs and working on SEO tasks. I also help support the Brand team with our candidate attraction campaigns and carry out some research, such as looking into industry trends. It’s honestly different every day!

Are you finding work placement at TTM valuable?

Katie: 100% yes! I think from speaking with some of my friends who are also doing placements and comparing how much I have learned and been able to work on with their experiences - I know this is a great company to have been placed with. From day one here, I was in the thick of it - doing and learning! The team was so organised, and my role and responsibilities were clear. Everyone is so helpful, always encouraging me to ask questions – so I never feel stuck or unsure.

Niamh: Without a doubt. I’m learning so much, every day. From the very beginning, my team were behind me, and it feels like they really want me to learn and grow. They’re invested in me – and that feels good. This is my first job that I can say I really love coming to work!

What do you enjoy most about your work, and what has been a highlight?

Katie: The people here are amazing! Friendly, helpful, great fun – and everyone has each other’s back. It’s different from any other work environment I’ve been in. I also find working in Social Care placements extremely rewarding. I know that I am placing people who are going to look after people’s loved ones – so I’d better do a good job. The Social Care staff I place do incredible work. I feel like I’m helping to do something important.

Niamh: The company recently rebranded so it was great to be a part of that – I learned so much. The Summer Party was a highlight too! It was just incredible; the company made such an effort to give us a wonderful time. It’s such a nice feeling, knowing that you’re valued like that.

How do you think TTM helps people starting out in their career?

Katie: TTM has a natural culture of learning – so if you’re just starting out you can’t ask for a better training ground. If you bring the energy and the interest - the company will take you on the journey. Some people join the company with no recruitment background – but they’ve got the right attitude, so TTM is there to support them.

Niamh: The company invests in you, gives you the tools you need and the mentors. The ‘TTM way’ is all about people who are willing to share, teach, help and guide. And that’s how you grow. For example, we have an initiative called ‘Walk in My Shoes’ which encourages team members to spend time with colleagues in other roles, to find out more about what they do and the challenges they face.

How do you think TTM helps you progress your career?

Katie: There’s a very clear progression journey. People do well, develop and grow and there is a big emphasis on promotion from within. The People and Culture (P&C) team keeps everyone up to date on available job opportunities – and lets us know about what training courses are available.

Niamh: Everyone has a Personal Learning Plan which is an individualised roadmap to help you progress your career. There are yearly performance reviews, and everyone has a Monthly 1-To-1 with their manager as well as regular check ins. There are lots of opportunities to develop here, for example this month I am doing a course on Canva and I’ve learnt a lot from my SEO tasks that helped me develop my digital marketing skills.

How does the company support personal development?

Katie: There’s a calendar of training opportunities set out for the year – courses like Sales Skills, Improving Resilience, Managing Stress. They’re run by external providers and they’re all best-in-class. We recently had training on our CRM platform, and a trainer was brought in from Scotland to help upskill us.

TTM also supports recruiters taking on the ERF Recruitment Executive Apprenticeship - BA (Hons) Degree in Recruitment Practice in partnership with the National College of Ireland – so that’s really exciting.

Niamh: Regular catch ups with our managers and team. Really strong support from the people we work with, helping each other out. As Katie said, P & C keep us all up to date of new opportunities as they arise across the teams. Wellness is big here. We’ve all just received a set reward from the business which we can use to sign up to a gym or use for a personal trainer, to help with our physical wellness. We’ve also had professionals in doing wellness checks – like blood pressure.

How have you grown in your time here?

Katie: I feel my communication skills have really improved, and I have the confidence to speak with people professionally. I’ve also developed a better understanding of how important teamwork is – that if each person helps the next, we all benefit.

Niamh: My confidence has definitely grown. It’s fast paced here and having the trust and support to manage my own task list and priorities has really helped me see what I am capable of. It’s also been great to experience marketing in the real world – it’s given me a much clearer picture of how I want my career to look.

From Recruitment to Sales and Compliance, and from Marketing and Administration to Finance and IT – there are so many career opportunities at TTM. Interested? Let us know here.