Five factors to consider before selecting a Healthcare Workforce Solutions Partner

06 December 2023

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Five factors to consider before selecting a Healthcare Workforce Solutions Partner

Healthcare organisations have been turning to talent management agencies increasingly in recent years for good reason. They can support organisations as they seek to square the circle of staffing shortages and increased demand, as well as help ensure quality and consistency of service.

But securing all the benefits of partnering with a staffing agency means finding the one that’s equipped to deliver on all your requirements and expectations.

If you’re seeking a healthcare talent management agency to assist you reach your strategic objectives, here are five factors to consider when doing your research. They’re based on conversations with our clients about the value they see from us and the unique support we provide.

1. The importance of specialist healthcare workforce expertise

Healthcare recruitment is a complex and specialist area. Having a recruitment provider that understands the sector is critical.

Here at TTM Healthcare Solutions, we are healthcare workforce solutions specialists. We have over 20 years’ experience of working with client partners in the public, private and voluntary healthcare sectors, proactively supporting them to adapt to short- and long-term workforce trends.

It means we instinctively understand the realities, challenges and opportunities of the sector – and have the insights to help address them. We work alongside organisations, using our experience to develop tailored and sustainable solutions that meet their precise requirements.

2. The value of a complete staffing solution

The reality of recruitment for healthcare organisations is that it’s a diverse and constantly shifting landscape. It often requires a specific mix of agency, temporary, permanent, contract and international staffing solutions.

We’re a single agency able to meet all these requirements. It brings huge advantages, not least that it gives you a single point of contact for recruitment, enabling you to streamline supplier relationships.

We can mobilise agency staff at short notice to meet gaps in schedules, help manage seasonal pressures and ensure safe staffing levels. We can place the ideal candidate who is the perfect fit for your permanent or contract roles while also supporting you to recruit overseas talent to provide a longer-term, more sustainable approach to workforce planning.

In other words, we work with our customers to build holistic solutions that help them meet their short-term reactive requirements and their long-term strategic needs.

3. An emphasis on quality and compliance processes

In healthcare, quality and compliance are, rightly, critical. It’s essential that your agency provider understands and delivers on this. They need to have the robust processes in place to ensure quality and compliance are adhered to at every stage.

To quickly understand whether an agency has the credentials you need, think about an audit situation. Ask how quickly they would be able to handle a request for agency worker records. Their answer will tell you whether they have your back when it comes to quality and compliance.

4. An understanding of the latest candidate attraction strategies

Today’s healthcare recruitment landscape is highly competitive. To give you access to top talent, your agency recruitment provider must understand how to use the latest candidate attraction strategies and techniques.

Our multi-channel approach uses innovative techniques, to capture attention and engage active and passive talent, helping to maintain a strong nationwide talent pipeline.

We also know the value of data and analytics. We keep a close eye on the numbers so we can always optimise our campaigns and secure the results our client partners need.

5. The use of technology to maximise efficiency and effectiveness

Effective healthcare recruitment requires the ability to be nimble and move at speed. Quite simply, the agency that can onboard and book staff at the fastest pace is the agency that is best placed to provide strategic partnerships to its customers.

Moving at pace requires intelligent use of technology. It’s an area we specialise in, and we use technology at critical stages of the candidate lifecycle.

For example, we have healthcare-specific software that supports and optimises the candidate journey from application to placement which removes delays and inefficiencies from a traditional onboarding process. Our workforce management technology platform ROTA enables our clients to create and fill shifts in minutes from their own pre-approved panel of compliant and available TTM agency workers.

By putting tech at the heart of our workflow, we maximise our ability to engage, onboard and retain top talent. At the same time, we never forget that tech can always add value, but it can never replace the power of human connections and relationships.

TTM as your Healthcare Workforce Solutions Partner 

We’re the healthcare solutions company that’s grown to become the largest supplier of health and social care staff to healthcare services in Ireland. It means we have the ability to recruit at whatever scale you need. It also means we understand the strategic elements of your Workforce requirements and will always assess the detail so we can provide the bespoke solution that’s right for you.  

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