Rewarding Social Care Worker Opportunities In North Dublin and Cavan

13 November 2023

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TTM Healthcare Solutions are proud to partner with Ireland’s child and family agency – Tusla to offer Social Care Workers rewarding career opportunities at their Mainstream Residential Services in North Dublin and Cavan – giving you the opportunity to progress your Social Care career in one of the most rewarding directions.

As a Social Care Worker, you might wonder what working in Residential Services is like and perhaps feel a bit unsure. Let’s take a closer look at what’s involved, as well as the kind of rewards and fulfilment you can expect when working with young people who rely on your support and care to move forward in life.

What and Where Are the Services?

As with all Tusla Residential Services, the North Dublin and Cavan services are specially geared to young people who have experienced family problems, neglect or abuse, or whose behaviour is challenging. A Residential Service provides physical, emotional and psychological support, and is a safe space in which each young person can heal, develop and start reaching their potential.

“Residential care has a key role in working with and supporting young people in reaching all of their developmental milestones and preparing them for the challenges they may face and the events in their life.” - Tusla

The services are in Whitehall, Mulhuddart, Clonsilla, Drumcondra, Finglas, Swords and Parslickstown in North Dublin, and in Virginia, Cavan.

The Qualifications You’ll Need

Job opportunities at Tusla's Residential Services are open to you if you have a Level 7 or 8 in Social Care – whether you are a recent graduate or an experienced Social Care professional. We’re looking for Social Care Workers who can collaborate effectively as part of a team, and who are committed, through activities and interactions, to creating a dynamic and engaging environment for young people.

What Makes You a Good Social Care Worker?

Let’s look at the kind of personal skills you need for this type of Social Care work. Sarah is a Tusla Social Care Manager in Dublin, and she says:

“Having enthusiasm is the most important thing – and being someone who really enjoys spending time with young people. You’ll be a driven person, and you’ll also be someone who can make decisions – sometimes very quickly,”

A good Social Care Worker builds up close relationships with the young people over time – ones that are built on trust. To build those relationships, you need to be trustworthy, empathetic, understanding, non-judgmental, encouraging – and be a good listener. You need to be accepting and supportive of others. You’ll also need excellent communication and interpersonal skills and be capable of evaluating your own performance for continual improvement.

What the Work Involves

Tusla Residential Services provide young people in need with a living space that is as close to home as possible. They are welcoming and homely and are the opposite of what many people think residential services are all about. Within this environment, Social Care Workers are there to help each person do all the normal things a typical young person does, and every day is different. Daily responsibilities can include taking the young person or teenager to school or an appointment, assisting with homework, or doing something as simple as watching a movie with them. You’ll help with basic daily tasks such as helping them to prepare food or supporting them with cleaning or cooking.

Misconceptions and Rewards

Negativities do exist around this kind of Social Care work, but so much of this is misconception. As Sarah says:

“Social Workers stepping into a Tusla Residential Service for the first time are often pleasantly surprised - it’s not what they expect. A Social Care Worker might also worry about the kind of situations they can find themselves in. Yes, it can be challenging at times – but you need to remember you have all the support, supervision, training and inductions you need to confidently handle those risks and challenges.”

And while there may be challenges, there are so many rewards and Tusla Social Care Workers believe it is a wonderful and privileged experience to work with young people - supporting them through the most difficult times of their lives.

How You’ll Benefit?

The Tusla roles available come with excellent benefits and advantages. You will enjoy a market-leading salary scale, pension contributions, paid holidays starting at 22 days, and paid maternity leave. You will also have access to Tusla’s Health, Wellbeing and Employee Assistance Programme, and of course you will enjoy all the support and care of your dedicated TTM consultant who is interested and invested in your career.

“You have the opportunity to change the lives of young people in need.” - Courtney, Social Care Worker

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