Registering with CORU as a Social Care Worker

11 December 2023

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Are you a Social Care Worker? Have you heard about the new legislation that requires you to register with CORU? Here’s everything you need to know…

From 30 November 2023, all Social Care Workers in Ireland need to be registered with CORU – the country’s multi-profession health regulator. This is a significant development for you as a Social Care Worker as registration positively demonstrates and endorses your standing as a valued Social Care professional who works to the highest quality standard.

This is a milestone for Irish healthcare… Social Care Workers provide a range of vital services across many communities and statutory regulation will enhance the public’s confidence in the profession.” - Margaret Hynds O’Flanagan, CEO of CORU and Registrar of the Social Care Workers Registration Board

As always, at TTM we’re here to assist and support you wherever we can. So, to help you navigate the process of registering with CORU, we’ve rounded up some need-to-know information and helpful details:

What is CORU and who Needs to Register?

CORU is a health and social care regulator whose role it is to protect the public by promoting high standards within each regulated profession. The new legislation says that anyone wishing to practice as a Social Care Worker (practitioners who provide care, protection, psychological support and advocacy in partnership with vulnerable individuals and groups) MUST register with CORU.

When Should You Register?

Registration opened on 30 November 2023 and there will be a 2-year ‘transitional/grandparent period’ for existing practitioners to apply to register.

What are the Benefits of Registration?

There are many. Your registration with CORU immediately and positively demonstrates that your conduct, education, training and competence meets the approval of CORU. This ‘stamp of approval’ enhances your status as a Social Care Worker and gives much-needed recognition to your profession.

There are benefits from a practical point of view too. Once you have registered you will:

-have a clear Code of Professional Conduct and Ethics to follow;

-have your name on the Register, accessible to those searching online;

-be permitted to use the CORU logo on any work material;

-undertake Continuous Professional Development to keep your knowledge and skills up to date.

Of course, your patients benefit equally: your registration will give them valuable peace of mind that you have been recognised as a professional who consistently delivers quality patient care.

What is the Cost?

The cost of registration is €100 (with an annual renewal fee of €100)

How To Register…

Step 1 - Gather Your Documentation

You will need: Evidence of Qualification, Evidence of Identity, Fit and Proper Questionnaire (Health and Character), eVetting and International Police Clearance, Statutory Declaration, Confirmation of Good Standing with other international regulator (if applicable), Employment History/Evidence of Practice and two passport-size photos.

Step 2 - Have Your Information Ready

You will need: your name and contact address, email address, mobile telephone number, PPS Number, Passport Number, Employment Details, Membership of Regulatory/professional bodies, Qualification Details.

Step 3 - Know Your Qualification Status:

If You Have a Qualification in Social Care

The Social Care Workers Registration Board has approved a number of qualifications and you can check if yours is among them here

You will also need to provide evidence that you have worked in Social Care for a minimum of two years out of five. Your employer will need to complete a Proof of Professional Employment Form.


If you have ANOTHER Qualification

The Registration Board may accept qualifications no lower than a Schedule 3 which are considered by the Registration Board to be sufficiently relevant to Social Care.


If you have NO Qualification

You will need to provide an Opinion of Competence from your employer (confirming your competence to practise as a Social Care Worker). Or you can undertake an Assessment of Professional Competence (AoPC) to register. More details here


If you have an INTERNATIONAL Qualification

Professional qualifications awarded outside of Ireland can be accredited by CORU. Your qualifications will be assessed by comparing it with the standard of accredited Irish qualifications. Find out more here

Step 4 - Apply Online

You can apply for registration here.

Step 5 - Submit Your Documents

As a notary public/solicitor/commissioner for oaths/peace commissioner to certify copies of your documentation. Submit them by email within 30 days of completing your online application.

This is a positive development for both patients and the professionals themselves, we look forward to working with Ireland’s Social Care Workers to ensure the highest standards of patient care are consistently delivered.” - Margaret Hynds O’Flanagan, CEO of CORU and Registrar of the Social Care Workers Registration Board

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