Family Principles

Our TTM Family Principles​

TTM isn't just a company - it's a way of working, an energy and a culture that delivers rewarding experiences and it all comes down to our Family Principles. At TTM we truly live these principles – they form the foundations of our core identity and inform how we work with our talent and partners. Here are our Family Principles that make TTM different:

1. ​Trust & Respect and Openness & Honesty are our Foundations
2. Simplification for Clear Tracks
3. Know Yourself to Know Each Other
4. Realising Potential
5. Confidence - When on Top of your Game, Change Your Game
6. Have Fun & Celebrate Success
7. Individual Radical Ownership and Responsibility (IROAR)
8. Fast Evidence Based Decision Making
9. Respect for Money (RFM) & Return on Time (ROT)
10. Clear "Why Us"
11. Customer And User Obsessed
12. Super Collaboration
13. Love Tech, Don't Fear Tech
14. H.A.V.E Positive Impact
15. Keep Everybody & Everything Safe & Secure

We really believe that TTM people are special. It’s because we have a very clear picture of who we are, the Family Principles we hold close are the shared vision we’re all working towards. Read more about our TTM Family Principles.

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