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Total Talent Management to Match Your Strategy

As Ireland’s largest specialist healthcare talent management company, we see that the world of healthcare is changing. Now more than ever, people power and access to high-quality talent gives your organisation its defining edge and is mission critical. We also know that how you choose to access that talent is key: your recruitment must mirror and be in keeping with your business strategic goals and plans. As well as traditional recruitment, you’ll want to embrace blended workforce models - where permanent team members combine with temporary and contract talent. Most importantly, you need to recruit efficiently and cost-effectively – and outsourcing all or part of the process is the forward-thinking solution.

We offer a 360-degree approach to your talent management – supporting your resources with the design, management and execution of your recruitment campaigns, in full or in part, as required. We align our team with yours to efficiently and effectively deliver on key milestones set.

TTM are here to help you access the resources and talent you need, when you need it, in the way that works for you.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

This solution gives you the freedom of outsourcing some or all your recruitment process to TTM Healthcare – freeing up your key people to do what they do best.

We can take control of the design, management and execution of your recruitment campaigns – from sourcing to onboarding, with our ‘white label’ approach, meaning your recruitment is carried out under your brand, not ours. We slot into your organisation, using your systems, tools and methodologies and all people placed are employed by you, not by TTM. We can combine your short-term staffing needs with specific, customised requirements as well as larger turnkey hiring.

Our RPO solutions include:

Full Cycle Recruitment

This bespoke, scalable and continuous option for companies lets you outsource your entire hiring process. This can include:

• Job specification development
• Advertising
• Candidate sourcing, screening and assessment
• Presentation of candidates
• Interview scheduling
• Offer management
• Pre-employment checks
• Onboarding support
• Post panel management

Project RPO

Where a full-cycle RPO is not required, but part of the process is, we can assist you on a specific project basis with deadlines in place for the delivery of the service. This is especially ideal if you must address a short-term or defined business need: we simply dovetail this facility with your existing recruitment resource, start and end dates are set, along with the number of hires required.

TTM Healthcare is a proud provider of RPO solutions to the HSE.

TTM’s RPO Solution delights major healthcare provider - Read all about it in our new case study.

On Demand Recruitment Team

You benefit from dedicated expert recruiters available for long- or short-term assignments. This solution sees us working when and for as long as you require – giving you budget flexibility and supplementing your recruitment team.

You may also choose this service option for niche or hard to fill roles - without adding to your organisation’s internal headcount to source the talent you need. You can scale up or down as you require.

Managed Service Provision (MSP)

This service option means we assist you with any temporary, agency, limited company contractor or other contingent staff needs you have, and give you access to skilled, top talent on demand.

All placements become employees of TTM, and whether you’re a large trust, a multi-national organisation or a small start-up, this option can bring you substantial time- and money-savings.

The strategic way we collaborate with you means we gain a deep understanding of your needs and goals – offering you only candidates that are qualified and suited, and that come to you with full compliance in place.

Leadership Development Programmes and TTM Training Services

We support organisations who seek to grow and develop their employees. Our bespoke Leadership Development programmes for Senior and Mid-Level Management teams include strategic programmes which transform business’s by improving skills sets and abilities. As well as aiding retention, our programmes aid succession planning and ultimately increases your organisations performance and success.

Our inhouse Training Academy- TTM Training & Consultancy, supports you in providing a range of mandatory training courses. We leverage our extensive expertise and knowledge of the Healthcare Industry, to deliver a best-in-class service through a range of practical and online courses.

Our Programmes include:

CPD Accredited Courses  
• Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults                                                                            
• Infection Prevention and Control     
• Child Protection and Welfare Training
• Report Writing                                                                                                      
• Introduction to understanding Self Harm

• Epilepsy and Midazolam
• Safe Administration of Medication
• Patient Moving and Handling
• HACCP Food Safety Training                                                                                           

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