​The world of healthcare has many requirements beyond those that are medical-related. While doctors and nurses are delivering on the front line, so much goes on behind the scenes to keep things running smoothly, efficiently and hygienically.

​Some time back, our clients asked us to look at filling temporary vacancies for non-healthcare professional roles – from the caterers who provide quality, healthy hospital food, to housekeeping staff who ensure clean and sterile environments, to office workers who deal with clerical requirements.

We applied the same ‘people first’ approach which has always set us apart in the market - taking the time to really get to understand our clients, our candidates and the very specific requirements here. The TTM Healthcare Solutions Support Services division was born – and today TTM we are providing high-quality support staff right across the country.

Types of Roles Available

We are proud to offer candidates a spread of jobs across a full range of Support Services – all in healthcare settings. All positions offered are Temporary and include but not limited to:

Multi-Task Attendant roles (cleaning, housekeeping, laundry, portering and general duty jobs), Chefs, Hygiene and Household, Drivers. Maintenance and more.

Client Enquiries

If you are a public, private or voluntary/not-for-profit healthcare organisation, then TTM Healthcare Solutions can access the right, quality people, when you need them, and in a way that works for you. To make an enquiry, get in touch.


We build relationships

We truly implement good, old-fashioned customer care, providing a level of service that is simply not found in this sector of the employment market. We approach what we do with a ‘small business mindset’ – so we focus on individuals, and never forget we are working with people’s lives and livelihoods.

Consistency and variety

We ease the uncertainty that can sometimes come with temporary work. For individual customers, we can create pre-screened panels of candidates who are available for when they are needed. This means you get to work in the same, familiar environments and can build up relationships with our customers. However, we don’t pigeon-hole you into one role. We also give you the ideal way to sample different working environments. For example multi-task attendants can work work in catering, house-hold, portering, etc which is perfect for candidates looking for variety and as much experience as possible.

We’re here before and after

We provide an incomparable level of after-sales service, offering feedback to candidates from customers, and vice versa. 

Our clients and candidates alike are also excited that we have applied this same expertise to provide Support Service agency workers into non-healthcare related sectors.

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