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22 December 2021

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​From Multi-Task Attendant Jobs to Hospital Porters and Catering Jobs – We’re all the Support You Need

One of the Family Principles that guides our work at TTM is to be ‘Customer Obsessed’ – always looking to deliver a better experience to our clients and candidates. It’s about working closely with them, so we really grow to understand what they need from us, their challenges and their demands – then offer real, workable solutions.

TTM Support Services is a key example of how we used in-depth knowledge of our clients’ businesses, to help them in a whole new way. Led by insights, we now place people in vital support jobs across the healthcare sector – from cleaners to kitchen staff and so much more.

Dylan Broderick is Team Lead at Support Services, and he took time to sit down with us and tell us about the development of his division and the value it brings to clients and candidates.

Q. Dylan, tell us about the team?

I head up this division and I’m assisted by a Consultant, Compliancy and Talent Acquisition Specialist.

Q. How did Support Services come about?

It was truly a case of listening to what our clients needed and wanted. Back in January 2019 I was a Senior Consultant within the team placing Healthcare Assistants. I was starting to get an increasing number of clients asking us to help with placing non-healthcare roles within healthcare settings – most especially Multi-Task Attendants who fill caring and domestic duties. This developed into looking at other roles – such as cleaners and porters. The demand kept growing, and in late 2019, Support Services was established as a separate, fully-fledged division within TTM.

Q. You yourself have come on quite a journey with TTM, yes?

Yes indeed. You’ll hear a lot about how TTM is committed to ‘Realising Potential’ – for candidates, clients and employees alike. This was certainly the case with me. I grew up in Clarecastle – local through and through – and studied commerce in college.

I joined TTM in an entry level recruitment position. I quite quickly moved up to Talent Acquisition of Healthcare Assistants, then became a Consultant followed by Senior Consultant within that same team. In August 2020 I became Team Leader for our Support Services and Professional Services division. So, I’ve come a long way - and TTM really has supported me all the way.

Q. For what kind of jobs does the division recruit?

There are so many roles within the healthcare industry that aren’t medical but are vital for the sector to deliver its services. Beyond the front line, there are numerous roles essential to the smooth running of hospitals, community clinics and the like. The list is a long one – including cleaners, domestic staff, catering and chefs. We have jobs for MTAs, jobs for maintenance staff and jobs for porters.

We help clients with placing security staff and within hygiene and household positions. Then there are more unusual positions, such as mortuary attendant jobs. They’re all key to the healthcare industry.

Q. Have new roles developed over time, as a result of the pandemic?

Absolutely! Since vaccination centres have gone online, we have been providing monitoring staff to COVID vaccination centres – people checking temperatures and so on. Again, it’s been about listening to what our clients need and responding quickly and professionally.

Q. In what settings are these healthcare jobs found and who are your clients?

Obviously, we’re filling jobs in acute hospitals, but it goes way beyond this. We provide staff across all HSE services – including community hospitals, older person services, mental health services and COVID testing centres.

Apart from the HSE, we also have clients who are private nursing homes and voluntary organisations. So, it’s incredibly varied and flexible.

Q. What are their terms of employment?

Most are locum jobs and many are contract and permanent. Again – lots of flexibility. 

Q. Why should a client come to TTM when looking for people to fill support roles?

In a nutshell - they know that we know healthcare like no one else, and that gives them such a level of confidence. We are totally dedicated to the healthcare industry and its many facets – we don’t split our focus. We understand its challenges and demands, its complexities and nuances. We know how it works – and how to keep it working. And clients can be sure we have the right staff for the jobs offered.

Of course, there is also a convenience benefit to this. Clients can centralise their recruitment process – meeting all their talent management needs in one place, which reduces time, cost and administration. It’s just so much easier.

Q. In what other ways do you add value?

 Clients know they have a dedicated consultant – one point of contact for all their needs, which ensures consistency and efficiency. We build real relationships with our clients over time, it’s never just transactional – it’s about people and getting to know our clients’ businesses.

We also build panels of pre-screened, pre-approved, compliant candidates who are available as and when needed. These people can start work immediately – and clients know they are quality people and continuity of care.

Q. What effect did COVID-19 have on the division?

It changed things a lot – but because healthcare is our business, we were able to respond quickly and apply the new protocols just about overnight. It’s all been about protecting staff, our clients and the service users. For example, pre-COVID it was possible for staff to work across multiple sites – filling shifts in different hospitals and clinics. With COVID, we can’t do this – staff members are committed to working in one place.

 We also make sure that candidates are upskilled and trained in the different COVID requirements – such as Infection Control and Management, and the Buddy System.

Q. How do the candidates you place, benefit?

Whether you’re applying for a hospital cleaner job, a hospital porter job or a catering job – you also enjoy the benefit of being part of the TTM family.

From a practical point of view, this means candidates know we have the jobs they’re looking for. We are the national provider for the HSE in a number of geographical areas – so there’s a huge amount of choice and flexibility as to where, how and the kind of hours they choose to work.

We offer market leading rates of pay as well as best practice training opportunities for continued personal and professional development. Candidates also have their own dedicated consultant who can look out for them and have an interest in developing their careers through new opportunities.

We are also the only recruitment agency offering candidates membership of a reward programme. TTM Rewards help candidates make savings where it counts, through exclusive saving offers and discounts – like savings on their fuel and mobile phone bill, and discounted hotel breaks. It’s another way we show them that they are valued.

Q. How do you see the division developing?

We constantly look at evolving the service to keep pace with what clients and candidates need. Advancing the integration of technology is important, to improve efficiencies, while also retaining a high level of personal service and a people-centric approach. We already have an innovative portal that lets candidates manage their shifts online – and we will continue to develop this.

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