Social Care Workers: Achieve Your CPD Credits The Easy, Flexible Way

10 April 2024

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As a Social Care professional, you’ll know that Ireland's multi-profession health regulator – CORU – now requires you to achieve 30 CPD (Continuing Professional Development standards) credits every 12 months. At TTM, we want to help make complying with this regulation as easy and convenient for you as possible – with our own in-house training division, TTM Training & Consultancy.

What is the New CORU Social Care Requirement?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is an important part of making sure Health and Social Care professionals maintain and improve their knowledge, skills and competence. Continuous learning ensures that professionals develop their professional qualities throughout their career. In other words, it’s about making sure you always have the up-to-date knowledge and skills you need to continue to provide safe and effective services. CORU requires you to achieve this by taking part in a range of learning activities throughout your working life.

The new requirement says that if you work in Social Care you need to achieve 30 CPD credits in every 12-month period. This applies to everyone on the Social Care register regardless of their work situation – whether you work full-time or part-time.

For each hour of new or enhanced learning you achieve – you will receive one CPD credit. You can decide how many credits to apply to new or enhanced learning and you can allocate any fraction of ONE hour to a learning activity. Importantly, CORU does not get involved in developing or delivering CPD activities: you are responsible for identifying the CPD activities that meet your individual learning needs…

… And this is where TTM Training comes in: as your go-to place for meeting your CPD requirements.

How TTM Training & Consultancy Will Help

As part of TTMs commitment to helping our candidates Realise Potential, we have our own Training division: a dedicated centre of excellence that helps empower you with knowledge, training and workplace skills.

The division provides best-in-class, professionally-delivered courses – conveniently delivered online.

Most of the course offered are CPD accredited and include:

HACCP Food Safety Training (Level 1 and 2), Child Protection and Welfare Training, Customer Care Skills, Fire Safety Awareness, GDPR Awareness, Infection Prevention and Control, Introduction to Handling Deliberate Self-Harm, Manual Handling, Report Handling, Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults, Understanding and Managing Challenging behaviours in Children and Adults, Understanding and Managing Stress. Courses vary in length so will equate to differing CPD points. You can find out more details here.

Valuable Benefits

The most important reason for choosing TTM Training to meet your CPD is that you can do your training whenever works for you. As online courses – they’re completely flexible so you fit learning around your schedule, and you don’t have to take time off work.

“TTM Training makes it so easy to keep up with your CPD because it’s online learning, flexible and doesn’t take lots of time out of your working day.” - Peter Tonge – Training Manager

You can also rely on receiving best-in-class training. We partner with accredited training providers and tertiary institutions to bring you quality courses, and our training team is led by a Clinical Manager with 25 years’ training experience.

It’s not surprising that between 850 to 1000 healthcare workers make use of TTM Training every month. You can find out more here.

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