Building a Resilient Workforce: Understanding Healthcare Professionals’ Commitments and Motivations

22 February 2024


We recently conducted a survey of our healthcare talent at TTM Healthcare Solutions to explore their commitments, motivations and expectations when it comes to work. Thank you to everyone who took part.

The results are insightful, representing the views of hundreds of highly engaged healthcare professionals. You can discover the full insights in this brief report.

Key Insights:

• There are several crucial factors that influence retention, once a candidate is placed within a service.

• That it is possible to provide a positive work/life balance and meet resourcing needs for unsociable shifts.

We’re particularly proud that our talent rated us highly against many of the factors they deem most important – including competitive pay, availability of hours and the ability to forward plan. 91% said we’d met or exceeded expectations, while the same percentage expect to have remained in agency work with TTM in a year’s time.

The findings delight us for two reasons. High satisfaction scores recognise our people-first approach and deep investment in the wellbeing and careers of our talent. Together, we’re a care force to be reckoned with when it comes to supplying highly motivated, experienced professionals wherever we’re most needed.

Click here to download our full report