New SNA Exclusive Training Package

13 August 2023

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Because Those Who Give Support, Need Support

Special Needs Assistants (SNAs) can transform lives and shape better futures. Every day they help young people with challenges navigate their learning paths and realise their potential. But as much as SNAs give their care, so they need our support in return. That’s why TTM Training is proud to introduce a new package of SNA-exclusive training courses - empowering SNAs with the vital tools, skills and self-care they need to be at their best.

Why SNA Training?

If you have chosen a career as an SNA, or you work alongside them, you’ll know that special education demands exceptional personal qualities. Frontline education staff need patience, resilience and a genuine love and passion for the work. But often there are obstacles and issues that can get in the way of the good work being done, and it can be hard to see the way forward. The result? As an SNA you can be demotivated, unsure - physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted. In addition, you might feel better equipped if you had access to training and guidance on specific areas. Helping you to build your skills, competencies and personal strength.

The SNAs we work with have shared these concerns with us, and we have listened. After extensive research, we have developed a package of SNA training courses geared to meet the unique needs of SNAs. The focus is on empowering knowledge share and practical guidance - providing hands-on help, specialised support and skills that every SNA can immediately put to work back in the classroom.

What Does the Training Cover?

The training package is geared to help all learners explore at a greater depth the work they do and the skills they need to do it.

- Learn about how to manage Challenging Behaviours in children and adults - as well as interventions, assistance and supports that can help you during challenging times. You’ll gain insight as to WHY a person is behaving a particular way and what may have caused it - and how to safely de-escalate the situation or intervene..

- Gain training in the Safe Administration of Medication.

- Receive People Moving / Manual Handling Training.

- Understand Self-Harming Behaviours and how to manage them.

- Learn how to manage stressors in the workplace.

- Understand the importance of Self-Care for your own well-being.

- Review policies around Special Needs Education.

How Does the Training Work?

TTM Training & Consultancy can provide the SNA training package in person. So far, we have delivered training sessions in Mayo, Cork, Clare, Limerick and Dublin. We also offer training via Zoom - so you can choose which format works best for you.

We are committed to providing meaningful assistance to SNAs - so they can help promote independence and responsibility as part of a positive and supportive working environment. It’s just one of the ways TTM Training & Consultancy is helping professionals develop, grow and realise potential.

If you’re an SNA: share this information with your school principal.

If you’re a school principal and you’re interested in training your SNAs: contact to make a booking.