New Course: Understanding And Managing Challenging Behaviours

04 July 2023

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A NEW Upskilling Opportunity from TTM Training & Consultancy

Whether you’re a parent, educator, health, or social care practitioner - you know the importance of equipping yourself with new knowledge and skills. It’s not just about fulfilling your Continuous Professional Development requirement - it’s part of you reaching your potential and being the best, you can be.

At TTM Training & Consultancy, we’re fully focused on empowering and supporting you in your journey and as such, we’re delighted to introduce a brand-new online training course to our menu of certified programmes:

Understanding and Managing Challenging Behaviours in Children and Adults.

What is the Focus of the Course?

This new course is designed to help you as a professional, to better understand and manage Challenging Behaviour in both children and adults.

A child or adult’s behaviour can sometimes be described as ‘Challenging’ if it puts them or those around them at risk, or negatively affects their quality of life. Challenging Behaviours may include for e.g., verbal, or physical aggression, destructiveness, disruptiveness and/or self-harm. To understand and help them, it is essential that you understand WHY a person is behaving in this way, what situations could be triggering for them, and how to de-escalate or intervene, from evidence-based research.

Is This Course for Me?

If you’re a parent or work in education, health and/or social care, and if you’re keen to better understand the behaviours of the people (who may be challenging) – this course would certainly benefit you.

Please note: If you’re a health or social care professional working in Ireland, statutory regulations require you to undertake this course in conjunction with the Safeguarding Children (Children First) and Adults (SOVA) training course.

What Will I Learn?

The course explains what may be considered as Challenging Behaviour as well as the underlying causes for most behaviours. You will learn about pro-active strategies to help you prevent the behaviours. Importantly, the course also looks at how to manage escalation of Challenging Behaviours, and what supports to put in place to help the child or adult after an event or incident.

How Does the Course Work?

This course is an ONLINE TRAINING module, so you enjoy the convenience of being able to enrol and complete when it suits you best. The course duration is approximately ONE HOUR.

Once you have completed the training material you will complete an ONLINE ASSESSMENT. You will need to achieve an 80% pass mark.

Do I Receive Accreditation?

The course conforms to the universally accepted Continuing Professional Development (CPD, UK) guidelines and is certified by TTM Training & Consultancy.

As TTM Healthcare Solutions is sector-specific, no training company understands healthcare like TTM Training & Consultancy. We have our own Clinical Manager with over 25 years’ experience in the care sector and all our market-leading courses are developed and conducted by experienced professionals.

You can be assured of quality, great customer service and excellent value for money.

Develop your skills and grow your career.

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