Healthcare Workers - Should You Work Temp Or Perm?

25 June 2023

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Choice isn’t always about right and wrong, sometimes it’s about different - and knowing what works best for you at any given time. The choice between being a Temporary worker or taking a Permanent healthcare job works in much the same way. There are benefits and advantages with both options - it simply depends on what you’re looking for in your work, your lifestyle and the kind of opportunities you want.

As Ireland’s leading talent management specialist that is wholly dedicated to healthcare, we offer both Temporary and Permanent healthcare jobs. Both types of professionals play equally important roles in healthcare settings and we’re here to guide, assist and help you in your choice. Your dedicated TTM consultant will spend time discussing your needs with you, giving you all the information you need to make an informed decision that’s right for your career, goals and finances.

What is a Temporary Healthcare Worker?

This means you take jobs or assignments that last for short, set periods of time - from a few days up to several weeks. For Temp jobs, your work contract is between TTM as your Temp agency and yourself - and we place you in the Temporary jobs you want.

What is a Permanent Healthcare Worker?

As a Permanent employee, you have a long-term job with no predetermined end date and your contract is between the employer and yourself. You may work within the same organisation for many months or years, or for your whole career. At TTM we can offer you Permanent jobs on both a full- or part-time basis, depending on your needs.

What are the Advantages of Doing Temporary Healthcare Work?

Temporary work really can offer the best of both worlds and there are so many perks you may not have thought about:

Unlimited Flexibility

Taking Temporary positions means you can work when it suits you. This can be ideal if you are working around other commitments such as studying, the needs of a young family or if you need to take time off work for other priorities. You can work to your own schedule and enjoy a good work-life balance.

Great Variety

Temporary work is an excellent way to explore different specialisations and work in diverse healthcare settings - from hospitals to private clinics, GP practices and voluntary organisations. You can gain lots of experience, grow a versatile skill set and enjoy that element of ‘always something new.’ It’s also a great way to grow your understanding of different patient populations and work protocols.

Earn More

Because of the short-term nature of many Temporary positions a premium rate can be offered - so you have the potential to boost your income over a shorter period of time.

Plenty of Work

There is always a high demand for Temporary healthcare workers and with TTM you can be sure of a good, regular stream of work opportunities.

New Learnings

Moving to different sites and settings will give you good exposure to new technologies, treatments and procedures - which is great on your CV. A new facility can often provide you with valuable new learnings.

Excellent Networking

You’ll be working with different people all the time, so will grow your network of professional relationships in diverse areas. This will give you a good catalogue of referrals and can increase the potential for future job offers.

What are the Advantages of a Having a Permanent Healthcare Job?

There are many benefits of taking a Permanent healthcare job, including:

Good Job Security

Many people prefer the stability of being part of one team, with less change and the predictability and peace of mind of knowing what’s ahead.

Belonging to a Culture

Perhaps you find it easier to build relationships with co-workers and feel a better sense of belonging when you know you’re there in the long term?

Income Security

Having a Permanent job gives you the peace of mind of a consistent, set income - you know what you will earn every month.

Career Development

When you’re permanently employed by an organisation you are normally part of a structured career development programme - with clear, mapped-out milestones and goals. You can enjoy mentorship opportunities, take advantage of training courses offered, grow your skills and look towards a leadership role.

Benefits Packages

Permanent employees are entitled to comprehensive benefits such as healthcare cover, paid leave, maternity benefits and retirement plans. Many people find this makes for increased peace of mind and general well-being - but it’s different for everyone.

Consistent Care

Working in the same place means that, over time, you build relationships with patients, service users, colleagues and other healthcare professionals.

Access to Finance

A Permanent job can make it easier to prove your income and apply for credit - such as a mortgage.

Tax Ease

Your employer will handle all your tax for you, saving you time, effort and worry.

Yes, it’s all about choice - and we’re here to help.
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