Working as a Locum Doctor with TTM

03 August 2022

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Career Versatility, Flexibility and Competitive Pay 

Working as a Locum Doctor with TTM Healthcare Solutions 

Are you a newly graduated doctor keen to explore different medical settings before committing to one? Are you a doctor in a permanent job but looking for greater flexibility and work-life balance? Or perhaps you would just like to supplement your income with additional shifts? If so, becoming a Locum Doctor could be for you.

At TTM Healthcare Solutions, we work with many doctors monthly, placing them in locum roles across Ireland and Northern Ireland - introducing them to leading rates of pay, a regular supply of rewarding placements and the support of a dedicated Account Manager who takes care of everything for them.

But how does it really work, is it for you, and how can TTM Healthcare Solutions help you launch your locum career?

What is a Locum Doctor?

A Locum Doctor is a professional who fills a rota gap in a hospital, clinic or practice on a temporary basis – either in the short-term or for an extended period. These gaps might be due to staff being off sick or taking long-term absences such as maternity leave. The roles can be anything from a single surgery session to a posting in a primary care centre. Working as a Locum Doctor is a popular choice amongst graduates, and many continue this path going forward because of the benefits offered.

What are the Benefits of Being a Locum Doctor?

Explore variety – being a Locum Doctor gives you the opportunity to experience different medical disciplines and settings without committing to one. If you’re just starting out as a doctor this is a great way to gain insight into a broad range of areas and help you choose your specialty field.

Boost your income – Working as a Locum Doctor is a valuable way to supplement your salary. You can retain your permanent post – then work extra shifts in the evenings or weekends.

Better pay – Locum shifts and short-term contract offers will often offer higher rates of pay than full-time positions.

Focus on care – As a Locum Doctor, you will work purely in patient care, rather than admin and paperwork.

Flexibility – Being a Locum Doctor can give you more time for life as your can choose when and where you want to work.

Plenty of work – There’s a high demand for Locum Doctors in Ireland and Northern Ireland, so you can bank on a regular supply of rewarding and diverse work placements.

More time to train – Given work flexibility, you will be able to accommodate your ongoing training and upskilling more easily.

What Qualifications do Locum Doctors Need?

To work as a Locum Doctor, you will need the relevant right to work in Ireland or Northern Ireland and be registered with the Irish Medial Council or General Medical Council, respectively.

What can TTM Offer me as a Locum Doctor?

TTM Healthcare Solutions is a framework supplier to the HSE and HSC, while we also place Locum Doctors in the private and voluntary sectors. This means there’s always plenty of jobs available to you as a Locum Doctor with TTM.

There are lots of other advantages too! We offer our Locum Doctors leading rates of pay and run a weekly payroll system. We provide daily shift notifications and you have the support of your own dedicated Account Manager who’ll truly get to know you and the type of work you’re interested in. We also offer 24/7 on-call support, so there’s never a time when you’re without assistance.

If you’re keen to explore Locum Doctor work, we’d love to talk.

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Working as a Locum Doctor - salaries, benefits, qualifications.