Why TTM is one of Ireland's Best Managed Companies 2021

08 September 2021

TTM Healthcare - Best Managed Company 2021

Since 2011, TTM Healthcare has been consistently recognised as one of Ireland’s top companies by the Deloitte Best Managed Companies Awards Programme – progressing from Gold Standard to Platinum Standard over the years. We are hugely proud and excited to receive this accolade once more in the 2021 Awards - which recognise exceptional private businesses across Ireland and the premium performance that defines them.

“We are a Deloitte Platinum Standard Best Managed Company 2021, having demonstrated superior business performance for the 10th year in succession. This award is so important to us because it affirms how we show up across our business – to both our partners and talent alike. It says we’re working hard to deliver at our absolute best – and succeeding." Paula McDonnell – Managing Director, TTM Healthcare.

What is a Best Managed Company?

The Best Managed Companies Awards is run by Deloitte Private in association with Bank of Ireland. The Awards recognise companies that operate with a robust business model, putting strategies into action that reflect their internal strengths, capabilities and opportunities in the market. A Best Managed Company has a keen and clear focus, makes sound strategic decisions, works hard to keep its customers happy and strives to deliver better than its competition.

So, let’s look at why TTM Healthcare has once more earned this mark of excellence: 

TTM Healthcare has a Clear Direction

The Best Managed Companies Awards recognises TTM as a company that has a formal and defined strategy in place – one which considers all stakeholders, and which is consistently clearly communicated at all levels of the business. In other words, everyone understands the business journey and embraces the goals.

At TTM, we have always been clear on our strategic path to become Ireland’s largest independent healthcare recruitment company, and to change the face of recruitment. Healthcare is our only focus – and we do it like no other company. Our people, our technology, our capabilities and skills are all geared to power our mission: to deliver 360-degree total talent management for healthcare businesses.

Key to our strategic planning is our total focus on people – from the team members who are part of our journey, to the partners we serve and the talent we work with. We see people as people and are single-minded about delivering exceptional customer experiences by really understanding what our partners and talent need from us. Because of this strong ‘people power’ approach, we attract the very best talent in the market - people with expertise and commitment.

And while our goals are watertight, we also understand that to keep creating further value for our partners and talent, we must adapt and evolve. One of our Family Principles is testament to this: ‘When on top of your game, change your game’. Here are some of the ways we’ve developed in 2021 that have help us earn this Award:

· We’re Agile to Embrace Change– Bringing with it a whole new set of challenges, COVID gave us the opportunity to reassess and evolve our game plan – within and outside of the company. With significant pressure, in Public, Private and Voluntary/Not-for-Profit settings, we looked at new ways of offering staffing solutions to our customers.

· We Grew and We Developed– We introduced three new service offerings and we increased our headcount by around 10%, creating new job opportunities in Ireland’s Mid-West region.

· We Minded our Team– We took extra care of the safety and the physical and mental health of our employees through the pandemic. We developed a special initiative – the MyNow programme – which encouraged team members to check their own wellbeing daily using a green, amber, red system.

TTM Healthcare Has a Unique Culture That Focuses on People

 We are committed to helping every TTM team member ‘Realise Potential’. We believe that every person can achieve, and if you’re in the right place, with the right support, engagement, training and career planning – potential can be unlocked and unlimited. Right across the company, we make sure that every team member knows that if they are invested and committed – we will give them all the support they need to go far.

 Visitors always say it when they visit our HQ – you can feel our organisational culture as you walk through the door – and this was recognised by the Best Managed Companies Awards. It’s about everyone understanding and embracing the journey we’re on and feeling recognised and appreciated for what they do. It’s about team members having a clear career path and feeling motivated and rewarded every step of the way. How do we do this?

· We have Living Values That We Practice Every Day – People development at TTM is guided by our 15 Family Principles and these are the blueprint of how we do business, developed in collaboration with our team members. And we truly live our values – referencing them in in our daily work, starting from a person’s very first interview with us. Our Values, like ‘Know Yourself to Know Each Other’ guide how we relate to each other and how we approach every challenge.

· We Set Clear Progress Paths – We don’t just tell people we value them – they feel it. We work with each person to make sure they have a clear progression path with a Personalised Learning Plan – so they always know what the next goal is. Investing in people also means sharing and being open and honest with communication and information.

· We Train and Develop – In 2020 we delivered 3,880 hours in training and despite the challenges of COVID-19 we succeeded in delivering 623 hours of remote training.

· We Celebrate Success – We’re a big company today, but we believe we have a small-company mindset when it comes to looking after our team members. We’re never too big to put our arms around each other, take the time to say ‘thank you’, and reward great work.

· We Make Time for Fun – The atmosphere and energy of our office and teams is palpable. We have an active Sports Club and Social Club offering everything from rugby trips to BBQs. While the past year has been a very different one, we’ve simply been smart and found alternative ways to have fun!

 TTM Healthcare Loves Innovation 

As a Best Managed Company, we constantly develop our skills and resources – including our technologies and our processes.

· We Love Tech – In 2020 we rolled out a new CRM system - re-designing the way in which our 120 employees work. We’re positioned to deliver a world class service, driven by technology. We also leverage Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to make sure our staff, candidates and customers can work with us as effortlessly as possible.

· We’re Driven by Data – We use data and insights to make Fast Evidence Based Decisions.

· We Practice Continuous Development – All our staff members are trained in Lean Methodology to Yellow and Green Belt standards. As part of their certification, they complete a project aimed at developing processes to improve the way we operate in a tangible way.

· We Do Digital Best – We have developed specialised portals for our partners, talent and supply chain. For examples, applicants going through the compliance process can access all required documents on their portal and keep track of their progress

· We’re Committed to the Cloud – We have migrated 92% of our technology to cloud services. During COVID, this helped our staff begin homeworking within 48 hours. 

TTM Healthcare Displays Excellence in Corporate Governance

Deloitte and Bank of Ireland say that ‘Best Managed Companies install strong governance structures and use KPIs to manage their progress…”

We agree – and we do things a little differently. Instead of a traditional Board Meeting, the ‘Head’ of each department – Sales, Brand, People and Culture, IT, Finance, Risk / Legal and Strategic Development – attend weekly meetings. Here we focus on the Clear Tracks as set out in our Strategic Plan, which is called the Playbook.

At monthly finance meetings the financial results are reviewed and analysed, and insights are provided on trading activities.

The Ownership Group meets with all ‘heads’ of each department and each Playbook chapter owner discusses their personal High 5 and 15 KPIs. This means we can objectively measure performance and make sure all leaders are on their Clear Track. It’s an open and honest method of governance which is world class and provides comfort to Directors and Owners.

TTM Healthcare is an Inclusive Company That Values Diversity

Enhancing diversity and inclusion is part of our serious commitment to supporting people. We have always been a progressive company that has implemented many ‘firsts’ in the market and have just recently introduced maternity and paternity leave payment. To complement this, we operate a special return-to-work programme to help parents make the transition back to work. What’s more…

· 54% of our leadership is women and 71% of those women have returned to work after having children. Our special Return-To-Work programme helps them in their transition back to work, with options such as flexible start times and parental leave.

· We recruit the people that are right for each job– whether they have extensive or no experience.

· Our workforce is diverse across age groups.

Deloitte Best Managed Companies are those with which customers can be confident to do business. Companies that have taken organisational excellence to the next level and have the metrics and capabilities to prove it. We celebrate being counted among them, alongside industry greats - and we thank every customer, every candidate and each team member who has brought us to this great place. 

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