Employee Assistance Programme

Supporting you to feel your best

At TTM we don’t shy away from difficult conversations – you’ll find an open, honest family culture. Your health and wellbeing are paramount; you can always count on a friendly ear.

Employee Assistance Programme

If you prefer to seek confidential support, we provide a 24/7 Mental Wellbeing Support Programme. This gives you round-the-clock access to counselling and practical advice for you and your family.
It offers immediate help and support in managing whatever work or personal issues you are facing.

Features and services

- Accessed quickly and easily by phone, website, live chat or video consultation app

- 24 hour, 7 days per week access

- Financial and legal assistance

- Day to day practical advice (travel, childcare, relocation and more)

- Career coaching

- Health advice (dieticians, physio, podiatrists)

- Mediation

Confidential counselling

Independent, fully qualified counsellors are on-hand to support you with personal or work-related issues. These could include:

- Depression, anxiety or stress

- Grief or bereavement

- Relationship or marital problems

- And more.

Our Clients