TTM Heroes 2023

Our January Heroes

Debbie K.
Project Manager

Debbie joined TTM Healthcare Solutions in 2021 as a grade VII Clerical Officer. She is now working in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council - Ballyogan Site as a Coordinator.

"Debbie is a valued member of the TTM locum team and would be considered part of the internal office at this stage. She has been a huge asset to the business since she was appointed as the lead coordinator of the Ballyogan temporary rest centre for those fleeing war in the Ukraine. She is now fully managing the sites day to day operations and responsible for the safety and welfare of up to 300 residents. Debbie has also been a key contributor to other similar projects that TTM have been aiding the Department of Children with, and has always gone out of her way to support with site visits and assessments of needs resulting in the win of other projects. Nothing is ever a problem for Debbie and she is always there on the other end of the phone to support anyone."
- Lorraine Ryan, Business Manager Temporary Ireland Division

Rita O.
Recovery Nurse - Endoscopy

Rita joined TTM Healthcare Solutions in 2018 as a Endoscopy Nurse. She has worked an incredible 3100 hours to date!

"Rita was one of the first nurses on my Team. Having orientated herself in the field of Endoscopy, Rita consistently goes above and beyond to support. Rita is extremely hard working, reliable, punctual and is a leader in her very specialised field having supported other agency nurses to learn new skills and initiate them on the client’s units. Rita overcame serious health issues last year and has returned stronger than ever. It is an honour to work with her and I look forward to working together in the years to come."
- Claudia Faraoni, Recruitment Consultant

Our February Heroes

Sunday E.
Healthcare Assitant

Sunday joined TTM Healthcare Solutions in 2015 as a Healthcare Assistant.

"Sunday is very hard working and passionate about his job. He is being recognised for the role he played in saving a residents life in a choking incident by appling his knowledge from first aid training. I was delighted that Sunday came in to our office in Ennis this month to receive his award. I look forward to working with Sunday in the years to come!"
- Sarah Lynch, Recruitment Consultant

Mampe N.
Nurse - Endoscopy

Mampe joined TTM Healthcare Solutions in 2019 as a Nurse.

"Mampe is an exceptional high calibre nurse with very high working standards, extremely professional and reliable. She is also a very kind person, always willing to help and overcome any challenges. She has been block booked by Dorset County hospital for years as, they too, recognise her outstanding skills, professionalism, ability to be in charge and a caring personality. I look forward to working with Mampe in the years to come."
- Zivile Vaidanaviciute, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Our March Heroes

Healthcare Assistant

​Martin joined TTM Healthcare Solutions in 2015 as a Healthcare Assistant.

"Martin is such a lovely man, quite the character on the phone and is always in good form. We always receive great feedback from the client about him. He is obliging when it comes to shifts and never lets us down."
- Noelle McMahon, Recruitment Consultant

Martin shared 'What He Loves About a Career Supporting Others' in our latest blog. Click here check it out.

Healthcare Assistant

Michelle joined TTM Healthcare Solutions in 2016 as a Healthcare Assistant.

"Michelle has worked for TTM as a healthcare assistant for about 7 years and in all these years we have received only positive feedback about her for always being professional, helpful and friendly. Michelle never complains when asked to do something and the patients’ needs are her priority. We are very grateful to have Michelle representing TTM and thank her for all her hard work."
- Cristina Broccia, Principal Recruitment Consultant

Our April Heroes

Staff Nurse

Siobhan joined TTM Healthcare Solutions 3 years ago as a staff nurse.

"Siobhan is very hard working, reliable and very helpful in all area’s with her mannerism and professionalism as a Nurse. She is great at communicating with us here in TTM. The service she is working in absolutely love her and that goes without saying every other service she has worked in through TTM as a locum Nurse. I looked forward to continue working with Siobhan and supporting her in any area’s we can."
- Amy Bolton, Principal Recruitment Consultant

Endoscopy Nurse

Francisco joined TTM Healthcare Solutions in November 2020 as a Endoscopy Nurse.

"Francisco has been a valued member of the TTM & InHealth Team since November 2020.  Francisco’s consistent support and professionalism coupled with his sense of humour and ability to make me laugh makes him a true hero.  Francisco is highly respected by the InHealth Team for his nursing skills and ability to remain calm under pressure."
- Claudia Faraoni, Principal Recruitment Consultant

Our May Heroes

Dr Waqar
Consultant Emergency Medicine Doctor

Dr Waqar joined TTM Healthcare Solutions in 2015 as a Consultant Emergency Medicine Doctor.

"Dr. Waqar is an IMC Specialist Registered well-known Consultant Emergency Medicine Doctor, he is an exceptionally well qualified & experienced, hard working, professional, reliable and helpful Doctor. Colleagues and Staffs are very happy working with him. Dr. Waqar is also assisting TTM to recruit Doctors to Ireland from Abroad especially from South Africa."
- Siju Paul, Principal Recruitment Consultant

Registered Nurse

Yongo joined TTM Healthcare Solutions 6 years ago as a registered Nurse.

"Yongo is very loyal, extremely hard working, reliable and a lovely person."
- Zivile Vaidanaviciute, Principal Recruitment Consultant

Our June Heroes

Clinical Psychologist

"Siobhan plays an integral part of our clinical Therapies team, she has completed over 100 assessments for us so far and has been a huge support to the whole team on education and knowledge around Assessment of Need. Siobhan plays an active part in significantly reducing the waiting list of children awaiting assessments and moving them on to the crucial intervention required to support these children long term"
-Therese Breen, HPO Business Manager

Registered Nurse
Northern Ireland

"Eugen is an excellent nurse. He is very friendly and works really well as part of a team. We are delighted to award him as TTM Hero this month."
-Jane Boland, Principal Recruitment Consultant

Our July Heroes

Multi Task Attendant

"Samuel is a truly remarkable worker, continuously exceeding expectations. His willingness to take on shifts and eagerness to help is outstanding, and he maintains exemplary manners at all times."
-Sandra McMahon, Principle Consultant


"Martins has worked with TTM for over 6 years and has been a great asset to the team. He is a hard-working HCA and always ready to help."
-Cristina Broccia, Principal Recruitment Consultant

Our August Heroes

Dr Preda
Locum Medical Registrar

"Dr Preda has been locuming with us for the last six months and has been a pleasure to work with. She has fitted in well with TTM and we are delighted to have her working with us."
-Roisin McSweeney, Principal Recruitment Consultant

Endoscopy RGN

"Pascaline has been working with TTM for the last 4 and half years. She is a very much valued part of the Team and has been recognised on several occasions for her exceptional skills in Endoscopy and professionalism. Pascaline offers consistent support, is reliable and often agrees to support on short notice. I am honoured to have her as part of my Team and present her with this award to highlight all her hard work.."
-Claudia Faraoni, Principal Recruitment Consultant

Our September Heroes


"I was delighted to meet Taffy last week in our Ennis HQ to present her with her award! Taffy is hard working, friendly and a pleasure to work with."
- Noelle McMahon, Recruitment Consultant

Torbay, UK

"Anna has always been extremely professional, hard working and loyal. I am delighted to name her as our TTM Hero this month!"
- Zivile Vaidanaviciute, Senior Recruitment Consultant

Our October Heroes


'Sandra has always been great to work with. She is hard working and reliable. '
- Nicole Lorigan, Principle Recruitment Consultant.

New Castle

"We have received nothing but positive feedback about Kirk. He is happy to work in any department and is a great addition to the team."
- Cristina Broccia, Principal Recruitment Consultant

Our November Heroes


"Charmedene started working in St Vicent’s Private Hospital in April 2023 as a Senior Radiographer. In just 7 months, she has made a huge impact and was promoted to a Clinical Specialist! She has been a pleasure to deal with, has always shown determination and takes challenges in her stride."
- Grace Kilroy, Recruitment Consultant

Endoscopy RGN

"Mabel is one of the most professional members of the InHealth & TTM Teams. She is highly valued and respected for her support. Over the last 3 ½ years, Mabel has consistently provided the very best care."
- Claudia Faraoni, Principal Recruitment Consultant

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