RCSI Overseas Aptitude Test

At TTM, we know you need international nursing staff who are thoroughly prepared for work in Ireland. TTM’s RCSI Overseas Aptitude Test, enables you to brilliantly support your new nurse arrivals as they settle into their new lives, with every opportunity to be successful and add value. It gives them the best possible chance of passing their exam at the first attempt, while equipping them to meet NMBI nursing standards.

Developed by our highly experienced Clinical Nurse Manager, this course is self-directed, intuitive and accessible on any smartphone, tablet or computer.

In Summary

• 3 - Week video course (approx. 15 hours per week or 48 hours total)

• Self-directed online learning

• 24-hour access to ‘virtual curriculum’

• Designed to be completed pre-arrival in Ireland

Course Overview

This comprehensive 3-week course is designed to be commenced once a nurse has accepted their offer of employment. It provides nurses with the flexibility to learn in their own time, well in advance of arriving in Ireland.

This virtual curriculum aims to ensure nurses arrive thoroughly prepared and ready to take their mandatory NMBI exam without delay.

Course Components

This online course includes:

• Course video consisting of slide presentations and video, delivered by a Clinical RCSI Trainer

• Supporting pdf reading materials and reading lists

• Self-directed learning materials/nursing documentation/national policy assessment tools and clinical skills videos

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