Pre-Employment Checks & Compliance Outsourcing

Pre-Employment Checks and Compliance Outsourcing

When recruiting new team members, it’s essential that candidates go through each stage of the process as effectively and speedily as possible – getting people into their new roles without costly delays. At the same time, you need to be sure you’re bringing on board quality, trusted people who meet all essential requirements. To facilitate this, our dedicated team of experienced Compliance Officers provides a wide range of Compliance and vetting services tailored to your specific needs.

TTM Healthcare is unique in that it offers clients the benefit of a large Specialist Compliance Team, with Team Leaders and Managers. Partner with us and you are appointed your own dedicated specialist and experienced team that has a full understanding of pre-employment requirements, and which tailors the screening process to your unique needs.

Team Leaders provide quality checks throughout each stage of the pre-employment process which includes:

• Appropriate Approval Documents
• Occupational Health Clearance
• Visa Processing
• Application Forms and Signed Declaration
• CORU/NMBI or applicable registration
• Copy of Qualifications
• Reference Checks
• Statutory Declaration
• Birth Certificate
• Proof of Address
• NVB1 (Garda Vetting Request)
• Garda Vetting Clearance
• Overseas Police Clearance
• Marriage Certificate
• Work Permit
• Incremental Credit
• Verification of Service
• Training Certificates

How You Benefit

• You have the peace of mind that all files checked are of HIQA Standard or relevant Hospital standard.
•The services we provide mean that time-to-hire is reduced for your organisation. Our Compliance Officers turn files around with three weeks – ensuring people are placed in their roles smoothly and in good time.
• At the same time, your internal recruitment teams are left free to focus on the key front-end of recruitment and candidate attraction - outsourcing the back-end stages to us.
• This streamlined efficiency means you don’t lose quality candidates due to lengthy processing time: we constantly engage with candidates and keep things moving.
• Checking and verification of each candidate is an important way of safeguarding your company’s good name and reputation.
• Our robust quality checks of all candidates help eliminate the risk of fraud and litigation for your business. ​

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