Irish Medical Council Registration

A doctor wishing to practise medicine in the Republic of Ireland must register with the Irish Medical Council (IMC).

It is an offence to practise within the state while unregistered, with the exception of administering first aid or visiting European Economic Area (EEA) registered doctors attending in an emergency.

Every doctor is responsible for ensuring that their registration is current and appropriate for their individual circumstances.
Please visit the IMC website for full details.

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IMC Divisions

The Medical Council’s Register consists of four divisions:

1.Trainee Specialist Division (including Internship Registration)

A doctor undertaking postgraduate medical training in a recognised training post must be registered in the TSD. This division also includes interns.

2. Specialist Division

Irish Medical Council specialist registration is specifically for doctors who have completed specialist training recognised by the Council and who may practise independently as a specialist. A number of
eligibility categories are available for registration within the Specialist Division of the Register. Read more about eligibility and the Specialist Division here.

3. General Division

Doctors who do not practise in individually numbered, identifiable training posts, who have not been proposed for a post in the Supervised Division, and who have not completed recognised specialist medical training must register under General Registration. Visit the IMC website for more information.

4. Visiting EEA Practitioners Division

EU citizens who are fully established to practise medicine in another EU member state may practise medicine in Ireland on a temporary and occasional basis without having to take out specialist or general registration. Doctors should apply at least one month in advance of providing a service. Get more information here.

Applying for IMC Registration

All first time applicants to the Irish Medical Council must submit a fully completed application form, with full supporting documentation and the appropriate fee. Please make sure you complete the application
carefully; any omissions will result in a delay in your registration.

The IMC recognises four main categories of applicant are:

Category 1: Graduates of Irish medical schools

Category 2: EU citizens who graduated in an EU medical school and/or their qualifications are recognised under EU Directives

Category 3: Non-EU citizens who graduated in an EU medical school and/or their qualifications would be recognised under EU Directives if they were EU citizens

Category 4: Doctors who do not come under any of the above categories.

The Pre-Registration Examination System ("PRES") must be passed by Category 4 applicants for trainee specialist or general registration, unless they are exempt.

PRES exemptions

Applicants for registration can be exempted from the PRES if they: 

1. Were registered in Ireland prior to the introduction of new Registration Rules in January 2011. Medical practitioners who were registered in Ireland prior to the new Registration Rules are not normally required to pass the PRES if they apply to restore their name to the Register having been unregistered for a period of time; or

2. Are eligible for entry into the Specialist Division

3. Are a graduate of an Irish medical school and have completed internship training and been awarded a satisfactory Certificate of Experience (Internship); or

4. Are a graduate of an EU medical school and are entitled to automatic recognition of their professional qualifications under EU legislation or, they would be entitled if they were an EU citizen.

Applicants for general registration can be exempt from the PRES the IMC recognises the equivalence of their internship. The IMC recognises training in the following countries as equivalent of an Irish internship: 

  • Australia

  • New Zealand

  • Pakistan: please note that applicant must have commenced their internship after 31st December 2008.

  • South Africa: please note that applicant must have commenced their internship from 1st July 2006

  • Sudan

  • Malaysia

You can find a full list of exemptions here.