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​More and more of our partners are becoming reliant on the international recruitment of healthcare professionals to underpin the achievement of their strategic objectives. At TTM Healthcare Solutions we’re here, equipped and ready to support you with every aspect of your international recruitment needs.

We can find that sometimes the talent you need is not readily available domestically: there is a need to look further afield. That’s why we have developed and honed an agile International Division which acts as a gateway to a wealth of talent abroad. Established in 2012, this division works with over 50 affiliated suppliers located across India, Philippines, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Europe – and we handle the complete recruitment process from start to finish.

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Right Fit Professionals

Our International Team specialises in sourcing and placing highly qualified healthcare professionals who are the right fit for our partners. We recruit internationally across a range of disciplines, including Nurses, Doctors, Allied Health Professionals and more. Within the Nursing sector alone, we place over 300 Nurses a month across a range of environments and settings - from acute to community healthcare environments. We have earned an outstanding reputation for supporting, consulting, shortlisting and prioritising healthcare professionals to come through the system faster, easier, better – which means substantial benefits for your organisation.

We place professionals from abroad with partners across Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK and are proud to count the HSC in Northern Ireland and NHS in the UK among our partners.

Committed to Compliance

TTM Healthcare Solutions has a dedicated Compliance Division – responsible for making sure that all international talent meets the necessary requirements of employment and are ready to hit the ground running.

We ensure that all international talent are supported throughout their application and during the on-boarding stages of recruitment. Our International Division assists each healthcare professional to best allow them to live and work in Ireland, Northern Ireland and the UK. For example, we guide our International Nurses through their Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registration process as well as their Visa application if necessary.

Top Training

TTM English is our own English Language Training School, delivering IELTS/OET training courses via an online training platform. TTM English is an official OET Premium Provider: the highest teaching qualification for the OET exam. This means we can guide each candidate through the English qualification process of their NMC registration. Find out more about TTM English.

TTM Training is our own in-house Training Academy, which has been regularly recognised as having the best training in the recruitment sector. This means candidates can conveniently complete any mandatory training – from GDPR to Medication Management. Find out more about TTM Training.

Comprehensive OSCE Preparation Training Courses

TTM Healthcare Solutions, in conjunction with our Clinical Training Team, offers a suite of OSCE training courses to support Hospitals and Trusts in successfully preparing nurses for their OSCE Part 2 clinical examination. These courses offer a comprehensive suite of documentation, video simulations, live teaching and assessment on the 6 key areas of OSCE. If requested, they can easily be combined with our highly successful English language training programmes, to ensure your international healthcare professionals are fully prepared to work as soon as possible after they arrive in your hospital.

The net result? Our International Healthcare talent feel supported and assisted every step of the way – while you can be sure your new recruits have ticked all the right boxes and are ready to get to work.

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