Career Progression Options for Nurses in Ireland

05 June 2024

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In Ireland, Nursing is a healthcare discipline that offers unlimited scope for progression and development. At TTM, led by our commitment to Realising Potential, we have helped many Registered General Nurses move up and on to specialist roles, making strides in their career goals. If you are a qualified, registered and experienced Nurse in Ireland - let’s look at some of your growth options:

Specialise with the Clinical Pathway

This Nursing pathway gives you the opportunity to work in a diverse range of Nursing and Midwifery roles – always with the emphasis on providing direct patient care. It is designed to let you move up from General Registered Nursing and build your Nursing career in Specialist or Advanced practice:

Specialist Practice in Nursing and Midwifery

You might choose to pursue a specialist role if you have a specific interest in a certain area of Nursing or Midwifery, or if you wish to become a clinical expert within a certain area.

This career pathway lets you progress to the level of Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS) and Clinical Midwife Specialists (CMS).

There are many clinical specialisms across different settings in Ireland, including:
- Midwifery – Ultrasonography, Bereavement and Loss, Foetal Assessment.
- Chronic Disease – Respiratory, Diabetes and Cardiology
- Community – Mental Health
- Paediatrics – Paediatric Diabetes
- Older Person Service –Memory Assessment and Support

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Advanced Practice in Nursing and Midwifery

This career pathway is for Nurses who commit to the challenges and opportunities of achieving higher levels of capability, to become a Registered Advanced Nurse Practitioner (RANP) or Registered Advanced Midwife Practitioner (RAMP).

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Continuing Professional Development

As a Nurse or Midwife, you can improve your knowledge, skills and competence through Continuing Professional Development (CPD). There are many life-long learning options available.

​Lead with the Management Pathway

Within this pathway you can progress to a role in Managing Services or Operations which means you would lead the Nursing staff who take care of patients.

Management roles involve planning and decision making, taking charge and leading, supporting and motivating staff and being a role model. Structured management career pathways are offered which can lead to roles such as Clinical Nurse, Midwife Manager, Assistant Director and Director of Nursing or Midwifery.

Teach with the Education Pathway

Use your knowledge to benefit the next generation of healthcare professionals. The education pathway can lead to a career in healthcare education within both Educational and Clinical settings. Roles you might pursue include: Nurse or Midwife Tutor, Specialist Coordinator, Clinical Facilitator, Clinical Placement Coordinator, Practice Development Coordinator, Director of Centre of Nurse and Midwifery Education (CNME) and Director of Centre of Learning and Development (CLD).

Contribute with the Research Pathway

This pathway is designed for Nurses and Midwives who wish to work in the research field. You can use your knowledge and innovation to contribute to the growth of evidence-based knowledge.

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