Everything you need to know about working as a Remote Doctor

18 May 2024

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Always passionate about progress and development in healthcare, TTM is proud to be working at the forefront of medical practice by offering excellent roles for Remote Doctors. As a Doctor working online, you’ll have the opportunity to embrace the future of digital medical care while enjoying a new world of flexibility, work/life balance, clinical independence and market-leading pay.

There’s no doubt that the COVID pandemic drove healthcare’s shift to a remote model, where Doctors diagnose and monitor patients online. But even before COVID, remote work for Doctors was gaining traction because of advances in technology – and as people become increasingly tech-savvy, ‘Telemedicine’ and ‘Digital Doctors’ are likely to become the new norm for care.

So, what exactly does the concept involve? How can you, as a Doctor, ‘work from home’? And what are the benefits?

What is a Remote or Work-from-Home Doctor?

At-home healthcare means rather than seeing a Doctor at a traditional facility, we can bring ‘digital health’ to patients wherever they are via video conferencing, phone calls or other virtual platforms. As a Remote Doctor you can work from your own home/office/clinic or from a diverse range of environments such as healthcare systems and telemedicine companies.

What Services Are Provided?

Remote Doctors can provide a full range of services - from a simple telehealth talk or consultation, to long-term monitoring of treatment. Many Remote Doctors provide primary care such as routine checkups and consultations as well as the diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses, pain management, medication management and specialist referrals. Other services suitable for remote healthcare include chronic disease management, medical management, care coordination, preventative care and hospital follow-ups.

There are several specialties that particularly lend themselves to remote practice, such as psychiatry, radiology and dermatology.

What Are the Benefits for Doctors?

There are so many advantages to working as a Remote Doctor:

No Commuting – If you work from home you don’t have to travel to a clinic. This can reduce stress while you’ll enjoy substantial time and money savings.

Better Flexibility – You can design your working day to suit your personal commitments and family needs, such as managing your children’s school schedules.

Improved Work-Life Balance – The time you save travelling to work means more time for you, your family and the life you want.

Work Where You Want – You can work from any location outside a traditional clinical setting.

Efficiency – Administrative tasks such as accessing patient records are streamlined so you can focus on patient care.

What Are the Benefits of Remote Doctors for Patients?

Remote Doctors can offer their patients professional, high-quality healthcare care with so many advantages:

Easy and Convenient – patients get the care they need from the comfort of their home.

Better Communication – digital technology and the integration of healthcare applications means the exchange of information in real time – improving patient engagement and doctor-patient relationships.

Accessibility – there’s no need for patients to travel to their consultations – saving them time and money. This is especially beneficial for patients in rural or remote areas.

Reduced anxiety – many people, such as those with agoraphobia, don’t like going to the doctors. Remote Doctors can make a significant difference here.

No need for time off work – patients can plan their consultation during a break or after work.

Confidentiality - the same rules of confidentiality as traditional consultations apply to Remote Doctors.

What TTM Offers

We value your expertise and commitment, offering competitive rates that recognise the importance of your work.

TTM has both full-time and part-time permanent opportunities for Remote Doctors. You would have the freedom to work from home, your clinic or the TTM offices, on a flexible basis.

All positions offer market-leading rates and complete clinical control, and all remuneration is independent of treatment outcome. You can also rely on the kind of candidate-centred care, personal service and 24/7 support that has built TTMs great name in healthcare talent management – with your own dedicated consultant.

What Are the Requirements?

To work as a Remote Doctor, you will need IMC Registration, excellent spoken and written English and strong computer skills. You will also need to be currently based in Ireland.

Everything you need to know about working as a Remote Doctor