The Benefits of Permanent Nursing Jobs with TTM

02 January 2024

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At TTM we place more than 3,600 healthcare professionals in permanent jobs annually – many of whom are Nurses. We are Ireland’s leading Nursing recruitment agency offering Nurses temporary, permanent and fixed-term contracts in all public and private sectors across Ireland. To learn more about temporary nursing roles click here.

So, what is ‘going Permanent’ all about and how can it work for you as a Nurse looking for your next career move? To unpack the details, we spent some time with TTM Permanent Nursing Team Leader, Louise Byrne

What is a Permanent Nurse?

As a Nurse in a Permanent role you have a long-term job as agreed by a contract between you and the employer. There is no predetermined end date to the job. You might also choose a fixed-term contract to replace a Permanent Nurse who is taking special leave, such as maternity.

How You Benefit

From income security to training and development, there are many good reasons for choosing a Permanent Nursing job:

The Role to Suit

Louise and her team of consultants support all levels of Permanent Nurses – from Staff Nurses up to Director of Nursing and above. She helps Nurses find their fit as Registered General Nurses (RGN), Registered Nurses Intellectual Disabilities (RNID), Registered Practical Nurses (RPN), Mental Health Nurses (RMN) and Registered Children’s Nurses (RCN):

We place Nurses across all settings including Acute, Intellectual Disabilities, Community, Mental Health, Care of the Elderly, Occupational Health, Health Insurance and Management,” says Louise.

Access to Employee Benefits

A Permanent role will normally give you full company benefits such as a pension, sick pay, maternity benefits, generous annual leave, health insurance and bonuses. This can provide valuable financial peace of mind.

Training and Career Progression

As a permanent employee you will enjoy access to good training opportunities and further education, helping you develop your career. For example, your employer may pay for you to do postgraduate studies. Mentorships and structured career developments are often offered too – helping you map out your goals for the future.

Many Nurses who know they will be wanting to apply for a mortgage will choose Permanent roles as this is required by the banks. The other key factor is progression: if you want to be offered every opportunity to train and learn, Permanent roles are ideal,” says Louise.

Belonging and Integrating

Permanent Nurses become integrated into their employer’s work culture and feel part of the team – making it easy to build relationships and networks.

Why Choose TTM for Permanent Nursing Jobs?

If you’re thinking of looking for a Permanent Nursing job, choosing TTM to help you as a recruitment consultant is THE way to do it. Why ‘go it alone’ when you can have TTM do all the work for you? It’s the fastest, smoothest and easiest way to find the perfect job.

We Get to Know YOU

Our Permanent Nursing team truly invests the time and effort to get to know you and what you’re looking for. It’s not just about a job, it’s about understanding where you are in your career and where you want to get to. From the commuting distance and salary you’re looking for, to your personal goals and the work/life balance that’s important to you – we’ll hear you. You’ll have the opportunity to be completely transparent, open and honest about why you’re looking for a new role and the concerns and challenges you’ve previously experienced. The more you share, the more we can make sure your next role ticks all the right boxes.

We Do ALL the Work

Once the team understands your needs, they’ll get busy finding the opportunity that’s right for you. They will arrange interviews and liaise with an employer on your behalf. They’ll link in with them on any queries you have – and sometimes even help negotiate your salary or working hours. And once you’ve accepted a position, your consultant will handle all onboarding documentation and references, ensure your compliancy is in order and organise any trainings that may be required before you start work.

I’m the bridge between my candidate and client. I tell my candidates all they need do is wait for the phone to ring,” says Louise.

We Speed up the Process

Find your Permanent Nursing job through TTM is always going to be faster. On average, the entire process normally takes from three to eight weeks.

Timing is often mission critical. For example, a candidate might need to find a new job at speed as their partner is being relocated. We don’t waste a minute to help them find the right job” says Louise.

We Bring Knowledge and Advice

Your consultant will add value to your job-seeking experience in so many ways – from sharing knowledge and trends within the market, to advice on what avenues are available as well as possible challenges. They have their finger on the pulse of the healthcare sector and are in constant contact with clients – so you can trust them as an authority on what employers are looking for and how best to progress your career.

I go through interview questions with my candidates to help them prepare and give them pointers and tips to help them be at their best,” says Louise.

We Support You All the Way

Your consultant will always go the distance. After your start date, they’ll check in with you to make sure you’re happy in your new role or to help iron out any teething issues that might arise in the early days of your new role. And remember, – you pay nothing for TTM’s services.

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