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23 August 2023

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TTM Healthcare Solutions (TTM), Ireland's leading nursing recruitment agency, has recently been awarded with Tier One status by the HSE (Health Service Executive) for recruiting agency nurses nationwide.* This prestigious recognition signifies that TTM Nurses will now enjoy top priority when selecting agency shifts across the entire country. With access to diverse healthcare settings, flexible options, and exclusive benefits, joining TTM as an Agency Nurse guarantees exceptional opportunities for a fulfilling career. Discover how we empower nurses with optimal shift choices, location preferences, and advanced technological support through our app.
*TTM is one of four equally ranked preferred suppliers.

Unmatched Access to HSE Shifts Nationwide:

TTM's newly acquired Tier One status means that our Nurses now hold a privileged position, enabling them to secure the best shifts available in all HSE settings. From acute hospitals to community units, psychiatric facilities to intellectual disability services, TTM Nurses gain unprecedented access to a wide range of healthcare environments.

Flexibility Across Private and Voluntary Organisations:

As the largest nursing recruitment agency in Ireland for private and voluntary organisations, TTM offers our Nurses unparalleled flexibility. This extensive network ensures that nurses can choose from virtually any setting they desire to work in, tailoring their career to their specific preferences and professional goals.

Single Service Option for Enhanced Focus:

TTM understands that some nurses prefer to specialise in a particular healthcare service. Therefore, we provide the option for Nurses to work exclusively in a single service through TTM. This flexibility empowers nurses to concentrate their expertise, delivering the highest quality care in their chosen area.

App for Seamless Shift Management:

Working with TTM brings a range of benefits, including access to our app. Through this user-friendly platform, Nurses can indicate their availability up to six weeks in advance, ensuring they stay organised and in control of their schedule. Additionally, the app allows nurses to instantly accept shifts they are interested in, making the process seamless and efficient.

Unlocking the Best Shifts, Your Way:

By joining TTM as an Agency Nurse, you gain access to the most desirable shifts available in Ireland, precisely when and where you want them. TTM's Tier One status, combined with our extensive network and app, guarantees that you can choose the shifts that align with your preferences and lifestyle.

If you're an aspiring or experienced Agency Nurse seeking unparalleled opportunities in Ireland, TTM Healthcare Solutions is the answer. As a Tier One recipient from the HSE, we ensure our Nurses have first choice on all Agency HSE shifts nationwide. With access to diverse healthcare settings, the flexibility to work in private and voluntary organisations, and the convenience of our app, TTM empowers Nurses to build rewarding careers tailored to their needs.

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