What's Great About Working at TTM? Quick Six

28 October 2021 By TTM Healthcare

TTM tribe

From true appreciation and recognition of who you are, to having fun and celebrating success… We ask six of our teams to tell us what they love about being part of the #TTMTribe and what’s been special about their journey with us, so far.

We all know that one company… the one that says it cares for its employees, with an impressive mission statement and some values up on the wall. So often though, that’s where it ends, and the reality can be very different. At TTM Healthcare, we’re truly proud to be a business that has proven to live a unique people-driven culture, and which offers extraordinary employee experiences. And we have the awards and recognition to prove it.

But, of course, there’s no better way to tell the story of TTM than getting into the heads of those who make it such a special place – our very valued team members.

We lined up a panel that included #ttmTribe members from different areas of the business. We welcomed: Social Care Division Team Lead, Charlotte Keane, Temporary Division Team Acquisition Specialist, Caoilinn O’Malley, Social Care Division Consultant, Nicole Lorigan, Compliance Administrator, Tara Fitzpatrick, Social Care Division Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist Lisa Reidy and Marketing Executive Sean Lynch.

From the go-getting Charlotte and enthusiastic Tara to the engaging warmth of Nicole - here’s how our chat went down…

So, tell us please – how has your journey with TTM been so far?

Charlotte: Well, I’ve been with TTM for almost 5 years in January and the time has just flown by. It honestly has been a really exciting journey for me, and I have gained so much experience. I started in an admin/talent acquisition role and progressed to Team Leader – which means I’ve been lucky enough to grow with the company and with my team. There’s no doubt about it - TTM really opens pathways to anyone who wants to learn and grow within the business. It’s simple – if you’ve got it in you to really do well, the company will support you every step of the way. I think this is one of the reasons that we have become such a successful ever-growing company. I’d say a highlight of my journey was qualifying for the 250 Club – which awards consultants for making billings of 250K. One of the things that makes TTM so unique is its culture and energy, and that’s because we all live by what we call Family Principles. Everything we do, every conversation we have, every interaction is guided by our Principles, and ‘Celebrate Success’ is one of these Principles. The 250 Club does exactly that – it appreciates the hard work you do and awards and celebrates achievements. I love that! It’s important to me.

Caoilinn:I joined in 2021 having never been in recruitment before – so I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I can honestly say – I’m loving it! It doesn’t matter what level you come in at – it’s the way you show up that counts. If you’re eager, interested and serious about going places – you’ll learn the rest.

Nicole: I’m fairly new at TTM too but I’m loving the journey so far. What has really stood out for me – so different from other places – is that everyone has been so welcoming and has very quickly made me part of the team. It's been great getting to know my clients and candidates – and knowing that, because of the way we work, I’m helping to build relationships that will last.

Tara: I can only add to that and say my journey with TTM has been amazing! I really feel like I fit in here and feel at home. The company’s culture is all about helping people ‘Realise Potential’ – and you can see this in how people go out of their way to help you. So that you can give your very best. It feels like they’ve got your back and you’re supported – never out on your own. It also means we work in a very learning culture. People share and collaborate – and I learn something new every day because of this.

Lisa: What she said! I joined in 2019 and yes - honestly - my journey to this point has been such a learning experience, and just so enjoyable.

Seán:I started at TTM at the beginning of lockdown, so it’s been a different journey – but a great one. One of the Family Principles that I feel is so tangible is ‘Trust, Respect, Openness and Honesty’. Everyone knows their value and is made to feel appreciated. There’s no conventional hierarchy, no politics. Everyone is empowered to reach their own success. Even in the early days I was given opportunities to work on some big, exciting projects – the trust and belief was there. I feel there’s always room for me to contribute in a meaningful way. What’s really clear too is that this is a company that knows how to have fun, and how to celebrate great work done – in style!

Think back for a second, and tell us what was your first impression of TTM Healthcare?

 Charlotte: Definitely the energy and a culture of fun. You honestly do feel it when you walk through the door. How many companies can say that? I believe that a company gets the employees it deserves. TTM has organically grown such a strong, authentic culture that is part of everything the company and its people do – so it attracts the kind of people who ‘get it’ and who want to be a part of the story.

Caoilinn: Two words. Value and Appreciation. It’s not lip-service, it’s part of everyday work.

Nicole: Friendly, interested, invested in its people. From the time I arrived for my interview everyone was really nice and welcoming – and my first impression was right. The people here are helpful, sharing advice and supporting you when you’re stuck. You can see too that TTM really cares about making work a great, fun place to be. We have gorgeous funky offices, loads of space, a fabulous café area and the best coffee!

Tara: A friend encouraged me to apply to TTM after lockdown, as I decided I needed a change in my career. I took the leap to join TTM. My first impression was everyone is so welcoming and helpful - I couldn’t believe it! I thought this was because it was my first day but… it’s still every bit as nice!

 Lisa: That this is a company that’s going places and I wanted to be a part of that. I felt it in the people, the offices, the way the interview was managed – and every day since. It really is next level. Before my interview I’d read that the company has a reputation as an award-winning specialist healthcare talent management company’ – and it really isn’t hard to see why.

 Seán: Having started my TTM journey during a lockdown, I found that people went above and beyond to make me feel welcome and part of the #ttmTribe. Despite meeting many people for the first time over video call rather than in person, they were still open and went to the effort of getting to know me which helped me quickly settle into the company as normal. Having a culture that is so open and inviting makes such a difference.

What is your favourite thing about working with TTM Healthcare?

 Charlotte: The people. People are everything here. We are so lucky to work with such an amazing team that really works in tandem. From management down I feel there’s a real sense of togetherness. And this is true even when we have a challenge or problem. That’s when our Family Principle of being ‘Open and Honest’ is especially important and we work together to find solutions.

I also love working for such a progressive company, which looks after its people in important ways. We have a Wellness committee that is very active focusing on the importance of mind, body and nutrition, and we have a great Sports and Social Club.

Caoilinn: I really liked how the training was done at the beginning and you can see why TTM has a name for providing world-class training and development. Every aspect of the role was covered so I never felt out of my depth which can happen in a new job. Because ‘Realising Potential’ is the ethos of the company, everyone has their own unique Learning Plan. It’s developed together with your line manager, no matter your position. This makes progression in the company real and visible; people don’t feel like they don’t know what they’re working towards. It makes you feel that the company really values you too and wants you to succeed. The company also offers educational assistance to people who want to develop their skills.

Nicole: I am really enjoying getting to know my team and helping them when needed. I am also loving working with new clients and candidates and building relationships with them. I like that we are rewarded when we reach goals within the company - and congratulated when we achieve success.

Tara: My favourite thing about working for TTM is how genuinely lovely everyone is. Everyone gives each other such great encouragement - whether it’s the people on my team, those on other teams or my line managers.

Lisa: My favourite thing about working with TTM is the people and the fun we have. Everyone is friendly and there’s just such a good vibe. There’s always something going on – like special Fun Fridays, pizza brought in for lunch, or an office quiz. We even managed to keep the fun going during lockdown – our 2020 was virtual and we had a special online show with mentalist Keith Barry.

Seán: What impresses me is that you can feel that people are passionate about their work here. It’s what our Family Principle ‘Customer Obsessed’ is all about. Everyone goes out of their way to deliver their best to customers and candidates. I think TTM is a company with a conscience too: another Principle is ‘Make the World Better’. We get up to 6 paid volunteering days per year so we can help out at any charity we choose.

 We’ll be bringing you another Quick Six soon…

In the meantime, if you want an experience, not just a job – check out our current opportunities in Ireland.