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17 November 2019 By TTM Healthcare

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Why register for GDPR?

​In today’s world, more than ever, knowledge is power, and information is everything. Used well, information can be a liberator, a currency, a passport to great things. But some information is not meant for sharing: like your personal details, which are exactly that – personal. This is why for the last year, GDPR has been the term on everyone’s lips. At TTM Healthcare we’re making sure our response to the new data requirements is totally in line with the progressive, best-practice way we do business.

​The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), was put into effect on 25 May 25 2018 and is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. It also applies to any personal data that is ‘exported’ outside of the EU. In short – GDPR is designed to give every individual more control over how their personal data is used, and at the same time puts more responsibility on businesses who use it.

An integrated approach

At TTM Healthcare we have taken great consideration in putting our GDPR strategy in place – spanning everything from developing our own bespoke data protection policies and procedures, to training staff and ensuring that the ways we handle all personal information are properly assessed against regulations.

​We have developed a rigorous and robust GDPR policy – and this takes into account every person who partners with us at TTM Healthcare. Any one who joins the company as a team member is now required to give their consent for us to use their data, before we will even consider adding them to our system.

Equally as important, are our colleagues - who are working at the coal face, providing an invaluable service to the healthcare industry. They also benefit from the protection of GDPR and need to be kept in the loop with regards to its application and development.

This is where a defining principle of GDPR comes to the fore: The big difference between the new regulations and its predecessor – the 1995 Data Protection Directive - is that now the individuals who handle personal information, and not just the company they work for, are liable for prosecution.

Tailored training

With this in mind, we here at TTM Healthcare have developed our very own GDPR Training Course, exclusively for our medical professionals in the field.

This focused and specialised training is designed to help our colleagues get to grips with the principles of GDPR and how they are affected. They learn everything from how to report a Data Breach, to how to stay safe in relation to the collection and distribution of personal data in their possession.

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