Clinical Lead (CNM1)

Location Drogheda
Job-type Permanent
Salary €50000 - €55000 per annum
Reference J342395

Job Title and Grade : Household Clinical Lead

The Clinical Lead reports directly to the PIC

The following staff report directly to the Clinical Lead:
• Staff Nurses
• Carer Lead
• Care Staff
• Homemaker

Purpose of the Post :-
The role of the Clinical Lead shall be to support the PIC/Care Manager in the clinical and professional leadership of the Household care team and to deliver direct resident care.

Roles and Responsibilities

The Clinical Lead will:

• Ensure that the provision of a high standard of care to the resident and families in the designated Household is consistent with the mission, vision, values and strategic plan of the nursing home.
• Ensure recognition of the resident as an individual; ensuring residents' rights, needs and comfort are given priority during the provision of care.
• Develop relationships with residents, which facilitates resident autonomy, informed choice and evidence-based decision-making.
• Establish and maintain relationships with residents that are based on respect and equality and that promote their independence.
• Promote and maintain resident safety and provide quality care through respecting the privacy, dignity, and rights of the resident.
• Maximise the residents' capacity to exercise personal autonomy and choice.
• Assist residents to maintain their sense of identity and include them in decision making whenever possible.
• Ensure that the designated Household is operated in a manner that respects the age, gender, sexual orientation, disability, family status, civil status, race, religious beliefs and ethnic and cultural background of each resident.
• Plan, assess and deliver resident care that maximises the residents capacity to exercise personal autonomy and choice, together with all members of the Multidisciplinary Care Team.
• Engage with, and support, new residents during their transition to the nursing home. Encourage residents and key staff members to offer friendship and understanding to new residents and their family.
• Collaborate with Health and Social Care Professionals through respectful, effective communication and appropriate documentation to provide safe, quality healthcare to residents.
• Encourage recognition of the resident as an individual; ensuring resident's needs and comfort are given priority.
• Administration of medication in accordance to the policies and procedures of the facility in accordance to the legislation and regulatory requirements.
• Collaborate, consult and communicate with staff regarding the appropriate nursing assessments, diagnosis, planning, interventions, and evaluation of resident care.
• Communicate with the relevant Team regarding resident's condition and relaying information and changes in Medical Practitioner instructions.
• Ensure effective communication with residents in a manner that meets the resident's needs. Ensure that resident's communication needs are addressed. Where a resident has specialist communication requirements, such requirements are recorded in the resident's individual care plan and communicated to staff.
• Effectively and appropriately communicate with the resident's, their family members and visitors on an on-going basis.
• Ensure continuity of care by providing information concerning the resident's circumstances, medication, treatment and/or ongoing support by medical or other professionals to Health and Social Care Professionals, or any subsequent care providers, as appropriate.
• Ensure that the resident is safeguarded from physical or sexual abuse, psychological abuse, financial or material abuse, neglect or acts of omission, or discriminatory abuse, through deliberate intent, negligence or ignorance by others within the nursing home. Where a concern arises for a resident's safety, all reasonable and proportionate interim measures are taken to protect them pending the outcome of any assessment or investigation.
• Ensure that residents are facilitated to access legal and financial advice in any situation where it appears they are subject to any form of financial abuse by a third party.
• Ensure the resident receives a comprehensive assessment, by an appropriate Health and Social Care Professional of their health, personal and social care needs of a resident or person who intends to be a resident immediately before or on admission to the nursing home.
• Ensure the preparation of an individual care plan, based on the resident's assessment, no later than 48 hours after that resident's admission, making the individual care plan available, in an accessible format, to the resident and, where appropriate, his or her family members/representatives.
• Ensure that where the resident declines to engage in the individual care planning process, arrangements are made to address the resident's accessed needs and to include their aspirations and wishes insofar as these can be ascertained.
• Ensure implementation of individual care plans for each resident and feedback any changes in their health.
• Where appropriate, collaborate with the resident's family in preparing and implementing resident individual care plans.
• Ensure the formal review of resident's health at intervals not exceeding 4 months, including review and update as deemed necessary of the resident's individual care plans. This review shall be completed in conjunction with the resident concerned and, where appropriate, with the resident's family members/representatives.
• Enable residents, and their families, where appropriate, to participate in decisions about their health needs.
• Articulate and represent the resident's interests in collaboration with the Multidisciplinary Care Team.
• Support, and work towards, a restraint free environment. Manage and respond to behaviour that is challenging, in so far as is practical, in a manner that is not restrictive. Ensure that all interventions in response to behaviour that is challenging are in line with National Policy, reviewed regularly, demonstrably inform learning and practice development.
• Responsible to meet the aims of dementia/cognitive impairment care within the nursing home. Ensure that all interventions in response to behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia are reviewed regularly, and demonstrably inform leaning and practice development.
• Coordinate and implement the resident's palliative and end-of-life care needs in so far as possible. Following the death of a resident, ensure that appropriate arrangements are in accordance with the resident's wishes in so far as they are known and are practical.
• Ensure treatment recommended by the medical practitioner, and agreed with the resident, is provided.
• Facilitate the resident's choice in relation to their preferences of medical practitioner and pharmacist.
• Ensure all relevant information about the resident is obtained from other designated centres, hospitals or medical practitioners prior to admission/return to the residential home.
• Ensure all relevant information about the resident is provided to other designated centres, hospitals or medical practitioners prior to transfer/discharge of the resident from the residential home.
• Ensure the resident is discharged from the nursing home in a planned and safe manner.
• Act as an advocate for the resident to provide support, reassurance and ensuring their views and wishes are taken into consideration.
• Report any matters of concern where residents may be put at risk, where there is a waste of funds or where obligations to the resident are not being met.

Management :-

Be responsible for the following in relation to Governance, Leadership and Management:
• In the absence of the Care Manager, undertake the role and responsibilities of the Care Manager in line with the Health Act 2007, related regulations and the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) standards.
• Support the Director of Care/Care Manager in the day to day management of the home.
• Endeavour to keep abreast of recent trends in developments by reading widely.
• Demonstrate behaviour consistent with the values of the nursing home.
• Ensure resident confidentiality throughout the facility. Resident information shall not be discussed outside of the nursing home, except within a professional capacity and in the interest of the resident with the expressed permission of the Director of Care.
• Participate in the overall management of the nursing home as part of the management team as required.
• Motivate team members by agreeing goals and objectives, through performance review.
• Be responsible for the management of care staff and appropriate dealing with regards to human resource issues.
• Undertake such other duties as may be assigned from time to time.
• Create and promote open communications, healthy working relationships, and stimulate initiative among the team.
• To provide support and supervision to team members on a day to day basis.
• Lead, by example, a professional, punctual and dedicated team.
• Delegation: Ensure that where directing delegation of care, the delegation is appropriate to the definitions and philosophies of nursing. Delegation shall take into account the levels of experience, competence, role and scope of practice of the staff member taking on the delegated task.
• Be accountable for roles and activities delegated to junior staff, where appropriate.
• Work towards a restraint free environment, with implementation of practices in accordance with the National Policy.

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