Steps to become a nurse in Ireland with TTM

#1 Apply Online
Complete our online application form here

#2 Call with TTM
A member of our team will be in touch to set up a call to discuss your application

#3 Requirements
- If candidate has not yet applied for their IELTS ,your TTM consultant will advise how to sit exams
- If candidate has not yet applied to NMBI, your TTM consultant will advise candidate how to apply

#4 TTM Organises Interview with Client
Once you have has passed IELTS and completed NMBI application, your TTM consultant will set up interviews with clients and help you prepare.

#5 Offer Letter Received
If you are successful at interview you will receives an Offer letter of Employment.
Your TTM consultant will assist you in completing any documents requested by the client.

#6 Apply for Visa
Your TTM consultant will apply for a Visa on your behalf

#7 Travel to Ireland
With the assistance of your TTM consultant - booking flights and organise accommodation if necessary.
You will be met at the airport on arrival and presented with your welcome pack.

#8 Complete Adaptation
Once adaptation is completed you can begin your employment!
You will receive your NMBI pin with in 2 weeks.

#9 Journey Complete!
You have achieved your goal of moving to Ireland as a Nurse.
We will continue to be in touch to ensure you are satisfied with your employment.

Apply now using the form below:

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