Career Growth and Rewards with TTM

09 July 2022


Talking all things career growth and rewards with #TTMTribe’s ‘6 of the best’

Mid-morning coffee time at TTM HQ in Ennis and the #TTMTribe takes some time to re-charge and connect with each other. There’s an energy in the place, something you can’t quite put your finger on – but it’s in the smiles, the laughs, the stories exchanged, the way people listen to each other. A great thing to be a part of. And if you were to pull up a chair, have a coffee and take a few minutes to ask the team what’s behind the buzz of the company, you’ll find there’s a common thread, and the same words crop up in their answers. Support. Rewards. Growth. But what does that really mean?

To find out, we chatted with a group of team members in differing roles throughout the business – some long-standing employees, others quite new. Here’s what Recruitment Team Lead, Shane Gloster; Human Resources Administrator, Joanne Payne; IT Support Engineer, John Guilfoyle; Senior Project Lead, Steven De Korte; Associate Recruitment Consultant, Ayeisha McMullen and Recruitment Consultant, Shelby Purtill had to say:

So, how long have you been with TTM?

Shane: My journey began 3 years ago when I started out in Talent Acquisition. I’ve come a long way since then.
Joanne: I joined TTM in 2021 as Human Resources Administrator.

John: I also joined the IT team in 2021.

Steven: I have been working for TTM now 15 months. I changed direction with my career having spent much of my time working as a manager. Having previously done some levels of recruitment I took a chance by applying to TTM. The interview process with Therese and Paul from HPO was so refreshing. They wanted to hear about my past roles and where I could add these into my role at TTM. Over the past 15 months I have been given every opportunity by Therese, Paul and TTM to succeed. Not many people love the job they do but I can safely say I do.

Ayeisha: I joined in 2021 as Talent Acquisition Specialist and have since moved to Associate Recruitment Consultant with our AHP team.

Shelby: I’ve been with the company since 2019. I started as Associate Recruitment Consultant and have recently been promoted to Recruitment Consultant in our Social Care division.

TTM has earned a reputation as a supportive work environment. What does this mean and how have you experienced it?

Shane: It all comes down to the people. They’re as interested in helping each other advance as they are in progressing their own career – I don’t think you find that very often. It’s the culture here that helps me do better in my work – and it also means I’ve made some great friends.

Joanne: TTM is friendly from the ground up. It’s very clear that everyone understands their role and they are happy to be coming to work. When I joined, I was welcomed by everyone. People asked me how I was getting on - and still do to this day. It’s filled with the best bunch of people I think I have ever met in a professional environment – you really feel they’ve got your back.
There’s a unique sense of community. Everyone wants to succeed – but they also want their neighbour to succeed, because together we’ll all benefit. It’s important to management that everyone here is happy in their careers, and that they’re given help and support in their professional and personal wellbeing.

John: Yes, I look back on the day of my interview with Kieran Fawley, Head of IT. The moment I walked in the front door, and he gave me the tour around the building - I could see myself working here.
The culture is a very supportive one - really different from anything I’ve known before, and I think it’s a lot to do with our Family Principles. We recently had a scoring session on our Principles and it was initially pencilled in for one day, but it ended up being spread out over two days as everyone had so much to input and different ideas on each principle – and everyone’s input was valued. Our values aren’t just written on the walls here for show, everyone believes in them and tries to abide by them – and that makes for a very inclusive and respectful culture.

The company itself is incredibly supportive of its people. There’s no them-us situation: management is very down to earth and here to help, guide and genuinely make everyone feel at home. It’s a very accommodating culture too.

Steven: The team really goes above and beyond to look after you. Even though I’m fairly new here I have been given an opportunity to bring ideas to the business – no matter how big or small. I have every support I need to succeed and I wouldn’t change a thing. 

Ayeisha: There’s lots of support and guidance available, always – I felt it from the beginning. It means you’re given every opportunity to succeed.

Shelby: I had never worked in an office environment before, so I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone was so welcoming and helpful, and I have made some great friends along the way. If someone is struggling, they make sure to check in on them. Everyone across the business is very willing to lend a helping hand, and the support by management really makes a difference – it means everyone does a better job. I love that no two days are the same and I find it rewarding to be able to help candidates find permanent jobs that suit their needs. 

Do you see your career at TTM progressing?

Shane: There’s no doubt at all. I’ve made great progress in 3 years – moving from Talent Acquisition to Consultant level and then being recently promoted to Team Lead. In 2021 I had my second year of billing over 250K. That’s how much you can progress! And I know there’s so much more ahead of me. I am loving the new challenges and no two days are the same - I can’t wait for the next step up.

Joanne: I really couldn’t have asked for a better place to launch my career in HR. It’s such a learning and developing environment to be part of. Yes, there have been times where I’ve doubted myself and stressed about things – but every day means progress. Everyone works with their manager to develop their own Personalised Learning Plan – a clear roadmap, so you can see how and where you can develop. That makes you excited for the future and confident to reach the next milestone.

John: I know I can go far here – and I also know I am more than equipped with the necessary technologies and support to do my job and keep growing in it. We have formal career development plans in place and lots of opportunity to train, learn new skills and move up. There’s a wealth of knowledge in every team member and everyone is willing to share - so you’re constantly progressing and getting better.

Steven: Yes I do myself growing and progressing in TTM. I have recently been promoted to Senior Project Lead. This is the type of role that matches my ambitions and the direction my career is going. I have been incredibly lucky and have great team mates around me to grow even further. In the next number of years I like to think I can move on to greater things here at TTM and experience further opportunities.

Ayeisha: I’ve achieved a lot since I started – and I know I can continue to develop. It’s very clear that the company is serious about progressing its people and invests in their growth in lots of ways.

Shelby: TTM has given me the opportunity to work across several different teams, allowing me to have a greater knowledge of how other parts of the business work. My manager, Peter, has given me the tools to guide me to success and created a career path for me to follow and achieve my goals. 

How does TTM make you feel rewarded for your efforts?

Shane: We have the 250K Club for those who bill over 250K – I was very eager to join that! I’m really chuffed that 2021 was my second-year billing more than 250K. It’s great to be rewarded in this way. There are also quarterly incentives for everyone.

Joanne: Generally, the company benefits are second to none. Like up to 27 days annual leave and having your birthday off. But there are loads of other things that make you feel rewarded – like bingo every month, and pizza days. We have a lot of fun at work!

John: Fun Fridays are great, and Pancake Tuesday this year was brilliant! I also really enjoyed the Summer Party this year and apparently the Christmas Parties are the stuff of legends! Employee well-being is really focused on here and to have a company that genuinely cares for their employees is rare - so long may it live.

Steven: TTM really go above to reward their employees. We most recently had our Summer Party. This was such a great opportunity for everyone in the business to get together for the 1st time in 2 years and the first time some colleagues would have met. I feel we are well rewarded through other small gestures throughout the year also. Whether it's small individual team events or meeting on site for pizza and ice cream days TTM really do go the extra mile for staff.

Ayeisha: There’s a big focus on celebrating success here - no matter how big or small the win may be, and I always feel appreciated and valued for my work. 

Shelby: TTM celebrates success. I think that’s so important – it’s an incentive to strive to do a better job. TTM also has good benefits for employees and some great incentives to create healthy competition throughout the business. I appreciate the little stuff too – the company shows it cares by celebrating birthdays and giving everyone an extra day of annual leave for this. And you can’t beat the free pizza to show you care!

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