Our Clients


TTM Healthcare provides a full spectrum of services to meet your organisation’s total staffing needs. As a client, you will be looked after by a sector-specific recruitment team that brings a combination of experience, expertise and enthusiasm.

Permanent and Contract Recruitment

Finding and hiring the right people takes time, skill and effort – and it’s what we do best so you don’t have to, leaving you free to focus on your core business.

We handle recruitment of permanent or contract doctors in the UK and Northern Ireland for NHS, private hospitals, GP clinics and care facilities. We can assist you with every level of professional, including Senior House Officers (SHO), Registrars (Specialty Doctors) and Consultants – and across all medical specialities.

Whether your organisation is a care facility, private or public hospital, medical centre or a provider of community care – we can assist you with permanent placement of nurses. We place an average of 30 nurses a month, across all nursing specialities, from Nurse Practitioners to Staff Nurses and Learning Disability Nurses.

TTM Healthcare is also a National Provider for the placement of Healthcare Assistants in permanent roles within the NHS. We also source and place Healthcare Assistants in larger private hospitals across the country.

In addition, we have an unrivalled reputation for providing our clients with all modalities of Allied Health Professionals – including Occupational Therapists, Dieticians, Pharmacists and Social Workers.

Agency / Temporary Staffing

Whether you are a hospital, nursing home, psychiatric unit or Intellectual Disability Unit – we are here to meet your ongoing need for temporary nursing staff.

At TTM Healthcare we work with both the NHS and private clients, as well as various voluntary organisations to provide agency nurses. We can meet your need for nurses across a broad range of disciplines - including General Nurses, Intellectual Disability Nurses and Psychiatric Nurses.

We can also assist you with the placement of Locum Doctors across all disciplines and levels, as well as all Allied Health Professionals – helping you access premium people with the right combination of qualifications, medical skills and rich experience.

Another strand of specialisation is our sourcing of Healthcare Assistants. Whether yours is a social care environment, a large acute hospital or a community setting, and whether you are an NHS Trust or private organisation – talk to us.

TTM Healthcare has also broken new ground with a move into helping our clients find all-important support staff: key people in general roles that are vital for the smooth-running of any healthcare operation. From cleaners and porters to chefs and drivers, our Support Services team can provide you with temporary support talent – smoothly and efficiently. Plus, all support staff are placed on TTMs payroll, taking the burden of administration away from you.

International Recruitment

Since 2012, we have helped our clients in the NHS and the private sector - across the UK and Northern Ireland - access over 15,000 top international doctors and nurses. We recruit nurses from India, the Philippines, UAE, Australia and Europe – placing between 50 and 70 nurses a month in many different environments and settings, from acute and elderly care facilities, to community nurses and public health nurses.

In this sphere of our work, time is always of the essence. That’s why the most important thing we can do for you, our client, is to make sure the international nurses we provide are compliant and ready to get to work as soon as possible. We have a dedicated Compliance Division which holds Best Platinum Standing Compliancy and gives candidates support throughout their application and the on-boarding stages of recruitment. We assist them with their Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) registration process and guide them through the Visa process. We are also the only recruiter with our own English Language Training School - delivering IELTS/OET training courses via an online training platform. In this way we guide them through the English qualification process of their NMC/GMC registration – so that they’re ready to deliver of their best, for you.

A Unique Solution for Our Clients

We understand that interviewing candidates over several scattered days can be disruptive and time-consuming for you. That’s why TTM Healthcare has pioneered the concept of Joint Open Days with our clients, as a value-added experience.

We host these special days where you can showcase your needs as a hospital, private clinic or voluntary organisations – and where you can meet candidates who are interested in working with you. Multiple interviews can then take place and job offers are usually made within one Open Day.

This concept saves you time and expense as you can interview a range of pre-qualified candidates, conveniently, on one day. Open Days are held outside of your office environment, so you can focus on the interviewing process without distraction. We organise the venue for you and provide members of our Clinical Team to screen and part-interview candidates and manage the full event. We also handle all marketing for the day using various social media campaigns and targeted e-shot promotions.

These events have proved hugely successful – with each day yielding an average of 15+ permanent nursing offers made.


Our Clients