The old, the new and the rebranded

Where to find rebranded materials:

Rebranded templates available to use can be found here:
S Drive: Rebranded materials folder
J Drive: Rebranded materials folder

Letterhead (also known as headed paper)

Sending electronically: soft copies of the letterhead are saved in the above folders. For TTM, please use the soft copy appropriate to your office. Soft copies can be used for all letters to be emailed or scanned.

Printed copies: for all letters printed on headed paper please use the physical headed paper in each office. This has been professionally printed to a high quality finish. When printing on physical headed paper, to ensure your text fits correctly into the space available, please lay out your text in the template called ‘Hard Copy TTM/TA/JN letterhead template’ also saved in the above folders. Yes, this just looks like a blank word document but it will all make sense when you print!

Branded word documents

Letterhead is laid out is such a way that it should only be used for correspondence. For documents with more content please use:

  • Divisional word templates: each division will receive its own word template. These will be sent to team leaders to save in the most suitable folder to share with all team members. 
  • Regional word templates: will be sent to shared services
  • Individual documents: any documents submitted for rebranding will be returned directly to you as they are completed.


A TTM presentation template has been saved in the above folders. To use, please save a renamed copy in an appropriate folder and follow the instructions included in the presentation on font type, size and styling.


Each member of staff should have received their updated esignature by email by close of business on 26 January. Once received, please follow the step by step instructions here and update your email signature immediately. If you encounter any issues please contact

Remote users:  to watch the step by step guide on how to update your esignature please copy this link and paste it into Internet Explorer on your local desktop 

Business Cards

Business cards are due for delivery in the first week in February.

Stationery and merchandise

Most items have already arrived into the offices with more items due for delivery

  • Ennis: letterheads, compliment slips, pens, post-its, A5 and A4 pads, rulers, bags
  • Dublin: Due for delivery: letterheads, compliment slips, pens, post-its, A5 and A4 pads.
  • Preston: letterheads, compliment slips, pens, post-its, A5 and A4 pads, bags. 
  • London: 
    • TTM, JustNursing, Teaching Appointments: letterheads, compliment slips, pens, 
    • TTM and Teaching Appointments: A5 and A4 pads 
    • TTM and JN: lanyards​
    • TTM: post-its and bags 

Timelines on remaining items

  • Second week, February: Application Forms
  • Third week, February: Cards- A6 registration, Refer a friend, Greetings cards (Congratulations, Happy Birthday, Good Luck), A4 Hot Jobs Templates
  • Final week, February: pull up stands
  • Final week, February / first week, March: divisional brochures and A5 flyers
  • First/second week, March: multipage documents eg Achieve manual 

Queries on rebranded materials

If you have any queries on the above please contact