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If you are excited about the possibilities of working in Northern Ireland, we will be delighted to hear from you. We promise a very warm welcome to everyone who joins our teams, and we will do everything to ensure your move here is seamless, and you and your family quickly settle and feel at home.

Before you arrive here, you will be allocated to one of our five Health and Social Care Trusts. You receive a full induction and orientation to the Trust and local area.

During your first few days we will also:
- highlight local shopping areas
- explain the public transport system
- help you open a bank account and get a National Insurance
number (essential for working here)
- assist you in registering with a local family doctor and dentist
- put you in contact with other overseas Trust staff who have joined our teams.

Other Support
The British Medical Association (BMA) doctors’ union can also offer unique support to overseas doctors. Its ‘Preparing to work in the UK’ service enables members to access immigration advice tailored specifically to doctors, along with other career products such as
clinical and non-clinical e-learning modules, tools and resources.

For more information on BMA membership and support contact support@bma.org.uk

For more information, useful web links:
HSC Trusts

Northern Ireland
www.discovernorthernireland.com/ (tourism)
www.translink.co.uk/ (public transport)

TTM Healthcare:
Contact TTM Healthcare's experienced Doctors Recruitment team for more information about working with the HSC:

T: +44 (0)289 099 5166

e: medical@ttmhealthcare.com