Support on Arrival

We realise that coming to live and work in Northern Ireland is a huge step, however we promise a very warm welcome to everyone who joins our teams. 

Prior to your arrival in Northern Ireland, you will be allocated to one of our five Trusts. Some are based in Northern Ireland’s main Cities, and others in smaller suburban areas. Whilst we need a fair distribution of nurses in all of our Trusts, we will do our very best to allocate you to your preferred Trust that best matches your previous environment, along with some people you may already know. 

We will meet you on your arrival at the Airport and transport you safely to the accommodation made available for you. To help you settle in, you will be provided with a full induction and orientation to the Trust and local area.

During your first few days we will also:

  • Highlight the local shopping areas
  • Explain how to use public transport
  • Provide you with support in opening a bank account
  • Help in obtaining your National insurance Number, which is essential to work in Northern Ireland
  • Assistance in registering with local Doctors and Dentist
  • Put you in contact with other overseas Trust staff who have joined our teams