The Fine Print

Recommend a friend for one of our fantastic roles, and we'll send you something extra special to show our appreciation! Here’s everything you need to know before you participate in our referral programme:
When does my reward become payable?

  1. Once your friend successfully completes TTM Healthcare’s registration and compliance process.
  2. A. Temporary Placement: Your friend works through TTM Healthcare for a minimum period of six weeks.  B. Permanent Placement: Your friend starts a new role through TTM Healthcare and fully completes their probationary period. 
  3. If your friend fails to complete the required probationary period, you become ineligible to receive a referral reward. 
  4. If your friend has already completed their compliance process or has already been placed in a role through TTM Healthcare, you become ineligible to receive a referral reward. 
  5. The scheme is only payable for referrals of doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, however we do welcome referrals for other professions also if you want to give your friend the best chance of increasing their work prospects nationwide with TTM.

When will I receive my reward? 
It can take from 3 days to 2 months to receive your reward depending on whether your friend is completing a temporary placement or taking up a role with an initial probationary period, as above. 
How much will my reward be? 

For a doctor successfully placed in line with all terms and conditions, we will pay up to €200 in One4All vouchers.
For a nurse or allied health professionals successfully placed in line with all terms and conditions, we will pay up to €150 in One4All vouchers.

Can I make multiple referrals?  
If you make multiple referrals, you can claim a reward for each friend that we place, in line with the terms above.

If we receive more than one referral for the same person, the reward is issued to the first person to submit their details.

Do I need to declare my reward for tax purposes? 

  1. For all rewards up to a total €500 in a given tax year, you do not need to declare this income.
  2. For rewards that exceed the cumulative total of €500 in a given tax year, it is the claimant’s responsibility to declare this in line with government revenue rules. If you need further clarification, please consult the Revenue Commissioners for advice on declaring this income. 

What if I have a complaint? 
All determinations made by TTM Healthcare with respect to eligibility for referral rewards are final. TTM Healthcare reserves the right to withdraw a referral reward if terms and conditions are not satisfied. 

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