See how project recruitment works and what it can acheive

1. Volume recruitment: hire 1 -1,000 professionals
TTM Healthcare employs 15 years of unmatched experience in international recruitment to make each overseas project an efficient, cost effective and satisfying venture for our clients. Using our global project methodology, (Fig.1) which is completely unique to us, because it was developed in-house by our project managers, we source up to 250 professionals in one international project, or up to 1,000 candidates for a client undertaking multiple projects. Projects are not exclusively available for such high volume requirements; we can coordinate an effective campaign for any number of openings.
2. Fully managed service (We take care of everything)
  • Pre- offer: in full consultation with you, your dedicated project manager oversees a team executing all activities from advertising and screening, to travel arrangements and interview centres.
  • Post-offer: as soon as you make an offer to an international candidate, our delivery experts step in to ensure they arrive, fully compliant and ready to work, as soon as possible. We will provide practical assistance to ensure everyone’s arrival is as smooth as possible- we’ll even book flights on their behalf.
  • 96%+ candidate retention: post-placement support ensures each overseas professional settles in well and results in impressive candidate retention rates of 96% and above after 12 months.

Fig.1: Our proven methodology


How projects benefit you an an employer, your patients, residents and staff

  • Resolve crisis level vacancies with incredible efficiency- in terms of both time and cost 
  • Facilitate robust workforce planning and expansion strategies
  • Enhance patient safety by promoting continuity of care 
  • Cut agency spend as permanent staff fill rosters

Our global reach

When deciding where to recruit from, we share our market insight with you and make recommendations on the best countries to meet your requirements. We take any preferences you have in terms of experience and qualifications into consideration.

Fig.2: Our resourcing territories

Global success stories from our clients

With proven range and flexibility, our EU and non-EU projects have been a huge success in the UK, delivering hugely successful results for acute hospitals in the public and private sector as well as elderly care providers. Take a look at just three examples below.
Case Study 1
University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust
Sourcing Band 5 Nurses from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece 
  • TTM Healthcare was awarded sole supplier status, to recruit almost 150 Band 5 nurses for University Hospital of North Midlands NHS Trust (UHNM) within 10 months
  • To source the required number of nurses TTM devised a four phase recruitment campaign to attract the best candidates from Spain, Portugal, Italy and Greece
  • Amid increasing competition from NHS Trusts in the European market, we worked closely with the hospital to create a promotional video targeting nurses through the most popular social media channels in their home countries 
  • At assessment centres, TTM Healthcare managed all meet and greets with the candidates, pre-employment checks, introductory presentations, and assessment materials. 
  • Rigorous pre-screening and interview preparation led to a very high interview to offer ratio:
    Phase 1: Portugal and Spain; 49 interviews, 39 offers 
    Phase 2: Italy; 19 interviews, 18 offers
    Phase 3: Portugal, Spain and Greece; 62 interviews, 61 offers
    Phase 4: Portugal and Spain; 24 interviews, 23 offers
  • 99% retention rate achieved through full relocation support, coordinated arrivals, inductions and TTM ‘Welcome Packs’
Case Study 2
HSC Trusts - Northern Ireland
Non- EU campaigns tackle crisis level vacancies at 35 public hospitals
  • TTM Healthcare appointed as sole supplier for international recruitment via a competitive tender process
  • Dedicated Project Manager and Compliance & Delivery Consultant within TTM coordinate multiple recruitment trips to the Philippines and India
  • Three trips to the Philippines in 2016: 450 candidates required, 723 offers, a 161% delivery on client expectations
  • Back to back trips to the Philippines and India in February 2017: 200 candidates required, 230 offers, 128% delivery on client expectations
  • Project to Philippines and India in June 2017, 200 candidates requested, 214 offers, 107% delivery on client expectations
  • Next project to India scheduled for September 2017 with 300 candidates requested. 
  • Success in Asia led client to appoint TTM Healthcare as sole supplier for EU recruitment

Case Study 3
Sanctuary Care Leading UK Elderly Care Group
EU recruitment delivers 27 nurses in eight weeks
  • Operating over 60 care homes across the UK, our client was experiencing both:
    -High vacancy rates
    -High demand for their services
  • TTM Healthcare recommended a two trip to Romania due to
    -Volume of available nurses
    -Willingness of nurses to work in the care home sector
  • Trip 1: 15 interviews, 12 offers
  • Trip 2: 20 interviews, 15 offers
  • Timeline: 85% of nurses commenced work within 8 weeks of the interview events

Say hello to your project manager
96% client retention due to dedicated project management structure

Peter Maher  is one of TTM Healthcare’s Senior Project Managers. Peter has recruited hundreds of highly skilled international healthcare professionals in his capacity as dedicated project manager to clients such as HSCNI (Northern Ireland), York Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and West Hertfordshire NHS Trust. It is Peter's understanding of the market, attention to detail and problem solving abilities along with the open and communicative relationship that he fosters, that keeps our clients coming back. 

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