Living in Ireland: PPS Numbers

What is a PPS Number?

Your PPS Number is a unique reference number. A PPS Number is necessary to access social welfare benefits, public services and certain information in Ireland.

Why do I need a PPS number?

You cannot be paid without a PPS Number. When taking up a job in Ireland, your employer will request your PPS number to record the income tax you pay.

When can I apply for a PPS number?

You must be living in Ireland to apply for a PPS Number. You cannot apply for a PPS number until you arrive in the country.

How to apply:

To get a PPS number you will have to go to your Social Welfare Office in person. You can find details of your nearest office on 

You will need to fill in an application form and produce documents to prove your identity and your address here in Ireland. A list of the documents required and of what documents are acceptable is available here.

Once you have successfully applied you will receive a letter with your PPS Number within 3 to 5 working days.

Further information

Please find a link to information on applying for your PPS number here.