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Welcome to Northern Ireland

As the Chief Nursing Officer for Northern Ireland, I would like to encourage you to come to work in Northern Ireland and become a valued member of the nursing team.

In Northern Ireland we are proud of our nursing heritage and have a long tradition of training outstanding nurses who are highly esteemed by our local population and the world over. Northern Ireland nurses have been at the forefront of leading innovation, safety and quality initiatives, and developing professional person centred practice to enhance the experience and improve outcomes for the patients and clients we care for.

You will find working as a nurse in Northern Ireland to be very enjoyable and rewarding. It will be a
satisfying experience with great opportunities available for developing your professional practice
in a range of areas and specialities. There are lots of opportunities to develop personal interests and
become a valued member of our society. Many of our nurses work outside hospital settings and are
part of the local community they work in.

I would strongly encourage you to come and join us in an environment where you will find diversity
of practice, challenge, growth, teamwork and support for your nursing career. Nursing is a wonderful
profession and I look forward to welcoming you to continue your nursing career in Northern Ireland.


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