Social Care Manager

Job Description

Core Job Requirements
  • Deliver a quality effective service ensuring the progression and sustainability of all service users and residents.  
  • Ensure ongoing regular communication between the service and the local community to develop and maintain positive relationships with neighbours and other key stakeholders, in line with good practice and policy, and implementing the 'Good Neighbour' Policy.
  • Enhance the dignity and integrity of those who use our services by facilitating, developing and implementing participation and development initiatives.
  • Implement systems and structures within the service, such as Care and Case Management and Outcomes Star, to ensure comprehensive and accurate assessment of peoples needs and strengths, identifying required interventions and developing and implementing a support plan while delivering an integrated and seamless continuum of care.
  • Drive Quality Standards within services through quality systems and structures, ensuring continuous improvement, particularly in the areas of new initiatives, team development, systems implementation and benchmark against best practice standards. Review and audit regularly, changing as required when new evidence becomes available.
  • Transform the organisation vision into meaningful, proactive and creative objectives, developing, achieving, measuring and reviewing the Housing scorecard.
  • Lead and manage staff setting clear targets, facilitating effective team dynamics and quality standards to ensure teams are performing to their maximum potential.
  • Provide a high standard of service ensuring service user satisfaction as it pertains to services and a prompt resolution to complaints.
  • Manage the integration and delivery of all day to day operational functions of the services.
    • Drive through continuous improvement initiatives, team development, systems implementation and benchmark best practice standards.
      • Ensure adequate capacity and resource planning.
      • Proactively plan and ensure preparedness to respond to the needs of the service users
      • Regularly engage with and build a professional relationship with service users treating them with dignity and respect ensuring the values of DSC are upheld through initiatives.
      • Participate with the Housing Services Management Team in demonstrating excellence in the delivery of an integrated and seamless Continuum of Care system.
      • Develop, protect, and nurture strong internal and external relationships to facilitate seamless services within the Housing Services. Monitor and measure established relationships continuously.
      • Work with the Head of Housing and Human Resources to forward plan, recruit, motivate, train, supervise and performance manage staff and volunteers to ensure they rapidly respond as a cohesive unit in the delivery of services.
      • Ensure that work is completed within agreed budget, effective utilisation and distribution of resources, ensuring regular monitoring and control. Ensure all costs are controlled without compromising standards and service delivery.
      • Ensure the induction and ongoing training of new staff, relief staff, volunteers, graduates, student placements and community employment participants.
      • Participate in the on-call rota as laid down in the policy covering this area.
      • Perform all relevant administration.
  • To participate in regular supervision with your line manager
  • To report any area of concern to your line manager in a timely manner
  • To show reasonable flexibility in relation to hours of attendance to meet the needs of the work. Work during unsocial hours may be required.
  • Have a flexible approach to the work in response to organisational change, development and review of best practice.
  • Participate in and engage with a performance management programme.
  • Identify training needs with your line manager and participate in training opportunities appropriate to the role
  • You are responsible for managing health & safety standards in your service in line with  company standards
  • To participate in the efficient flow of information within the organisation by sharing and seeking information as appropriate
  • To undertake other duties as may be requested by the line manager from time to time
  • To undertake your work in a manner that is friendly, flexible and informal.

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