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Job Description

Job Specification for the post of Chief Executive Officer,
South Presentation Centre at Nano Nagle Place, Cork.

South Presentation Centre Ltd (trading as Nano Nagle Place) was set up in 2011 by the Presentation Sisters, with the purpose of developing the convent site at Douglas Street, Cork.
The Company consists of twelve Members, Presentation Sisters from Ireland, US and Australia. There are ten Directors on the Company Board who, with the current CEO, have overseen the major capital developments in phase one of the project which will be complete in July 2016.
The work undertaken to date positions the centre to operate in the spirit and tradition of Nano Nagle, 18th century Cork philanthropist,  educationalist, and founder of the Presentation Sisters.  A vibrant Heritage Centre will tell the story of her life and achievements. Her legacy from the past will be marked by a newly designed tomb and by original documents housed  in the Archival Centre on the site;  her ongoing influence and living legacy will be represented by dedicating most of the core convent buildings to various services, educational and social. To facilitate the strong educational focus, IT facilities throughout the site will be of a high standard.
A small number of sisters will continue to live in the convent; there is also self-catering accommodation for six visitors - likely to be Sisters and colleagues from abroad initially, but with potential for broader commercial use in the future.
A large garden will offer a welcome oasis close to the busy city centre, one area of it will be designated a contemplative space and a garden café will provide refreshments for visitors.
The Western Apex of the site will be the focus of phase two capital development. Here a new building will be developed by the company and leased to UCC/CIT to house the faculty of Architecture. The leasehold income will help fund the operations of the company in phase one at least in the initial start-up phase but the intention is that the operations would aim to be self funding.
The current CEO will transfer to the phase two development as Project Director for a two year contract period leaving the new post of CEO for the company free to concentrate on developing an Operational and Business Plan for the operation of Nano Nagle Place and the effective execution of that plan.
The CEO and Project Director will be required to work collaboratively in the best interest of the company. Both will report directly to the Board on their respective duties.
“The person being sought must have, in addition to academic reporting abilities and staff management competencies, the vision, drive and commitment to the spirit of Nano Nagle and the Congregation of Presentation Sisters which she founded. He/She must strive to make the newly refurbished historic site, dating from 1771, a place of interest, learning and contemplation for visitors from home and abroad. “
Post of CEO - Key Areas of Duty and Responsibility
  • To advise and work closely with the Voluntary Board to develop a 5 year Strategic Plan for Nano Nagle Place
  • To advise and work closely with the Voluntary Board to develop an annual operational plan based on the 5 year Strategic Plan and in compliance with an agreed budget template
  • To manage, progress and develop the facility and on-site components in line with the company's annual plan and budget
  • To advocate and promote organisation and stakeholder change in relation to the organisations mission
  • To support and motivate employees and volunteers in their work with the organisation and to develop and organise products and operational programmes for the centre in line with key strategic objectives
  • To take overall operational responsibility for the day to day operation of the facility inclusive of employee direction and performance.  
  • To formulate development, operational and strategic objectives in line with the organisations 3 - 5 year operational plan
  • To set and agree key performance indicators in conjunction with the board
  • To oversee and manage operations for the centre
  • To implement plans and strategies
  • To manage the human resources of the centre
  • To manage financial and physical resources
  • To ensure a high adherence to all regulatory standards, especially health and safety throughout the site at all times

Programme, Product and Service Marketing/Delivery
  • To oversees design, marketing, promotion, delivery and quality of programs, products and services in conjunction with the Board and organisational ethos
  • To maximise on site facilities and resources through building awareness and developing a polished and refined product to deliver a positive customer experience to all visitors and guests to the centre
Community and Public Relations.
  • To assure that the organisation and its mission, programs, products and services are consistently presented with  a strong and positive image to relevant stakeholders and external  bodies.
  • To build and grow links within the community, working in consultation with local agencies to provide a mechanism that would support and empathise with their value proposition to the underprivileged, vulnerable and marginalised in the Cork City Area.
  • To provide respite and support to those seeking refuge or those seeking personal retreat  from a wider more and more  global demographic.
  • To build and develop strong links with organisations in order to promote and market awareness for the centre  eg. Tourism Boards/ Government Bodies/Heritage Department/ Centres of Education
Personal Qualities/Experience/Education
  • The successful candidate will  have a strong track record in leadership, development and growth with a strong sense of vision and ethos
  • An ability to strike a balance between achieving strategic growth objectives for the facility while also maintaining the strong and historic traditions of the organisation
  • 5 years plus experience  of operating at a progressive/senior  management level in a non -profit/voluntary or educational environment
  • Evidence of having previous experience developing and delivering on an operational plan
  • A self -starter, who is goal focused, who can utilise a project management methodology to achieving key objectives and milestones in line with their own personal and organisational vision
  • University Degree in a related field
  • Knowledge of leadership and management skills as they relate to non- profit/voluntary organisations
  • Some knowledge and awareness of current community challenges and strong communication skills necessary for fomenting relationships at several levels
  • Experience of formulating  and implementing strategy
  • A sound sense of effective marketing and commercial acumen

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