Social Care Leader


Job Description

Our Client is a leading national voluntary organisation.
They are currently looking to recruit a Social Care coordinator/Leader.
The role is ennis based and will pay from 44k-51650.
The role reports to the regional Manager.
Role Description:
To provide leadership and support to the individuals the organisation supports, their families, employees and all stakeholders, in line with the organisations values and Principles.  To manage and lead person centred services in a range of settings appropriate to individual needs.  To learn from, listen to, support and work to achieve the priorities of individuals we support.  To ensure accountability and best value in service planning and delivery.
Principal Duties and Responsibilities:
  1. Drive the service forward in line with our vision to provide responsive, innovative, individualised services to individuals and families.
    1. Develop services by being proactive in learning about new developments and responding to individuals and family's needs.
    1. Be proactive in managing new and difficult challenges that arise within your area of responsibility from time to time.  
    1. Ensure that the vision statement of the organisation is promoted and actively implemented.
    1. Leading and co-ordinating the planning process around each individual and using the planning tools available to write up an individual plan for each person.  Ensure that the goals set out in these plans are followed and reviewed on a regular basis.
    1. Prepare and develop proposals for new referrals, based on individual's needs, following consultation with families and key people in their lives.  
    1. Recruit where necessary and manage the necessary paid supports for each person as an individual to achieve their identified needs and aspirations.  
    1. Develop a range of natural and unpaid supports in each person's life, such as family support, volunteers, community networks and roles.
    1. Support people to be known in their community and valued for the contributions they make.
    1. Manage, supervise and carry out appraisals with staff, employees on Government Sponsored Schemes, volunteers and students.
    1. Provide supervision for your staff always ensuring agendas are set and that both you and your staff members are prepared for these meetings.
    1. Prepare for and attend your own supervision meetings with your Manager
    1. Work closely with family members to ensure the best interests of the person with an intellectual disability are paramount.
    1. Work closely with Management in managing current service levels and developing new services and innovative projects.  
    1. Develop good working relationship with community and voluntary groups and statutory agencies, to create new opportunities for people with intellectual disabilities.
    1. Involve the professional support team when necessary in the team meetings and ongoing operation of the service, particularly in the preparation of individual support plans.
    1. Be responsible for identifying and developing housing options for and with people with intellectual disabilities and their families.
18. Essential requirement of the position is an on call commitment to deal with any emergencies, which may arise outside normal working hours.  To be available to participate in a duty roster where you may be required to cover/work in other areas during Bank Holiday weekends and holiday periods.
19. Take responsibility for a designated centre or centres and ensure compliance with HIQA standards (where applicable).
20. As Person in Charge, ensure all necessary reports and notifiable events are communicated to HIQA and senior management.
21. Develop and implement operational plans for their area of responsibility
22. Be involved (where required) in strategic plans for the organisation.
23. Take overall responsibility for the management of housing and transport resources.
24. Contribute to the local management team meetings in a positive and professional manner.
25. Be involved in the development of policies.
26. Be responsible for the overall budget in their area and ensure the best use of resources.

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