Day Service Instructor


Job Description

This national voluntary organisation are currently looking to recruit some qualified Day Service Instructors to work in their Day Service across the following locations in south Dublin. These include.......  
Dun Laoghaire/Glenageary/Loughlinstown/Cabinteely, Shankill, Bray and Kilpedder in Co. Wicklow.
The Salary Scales are based on the current HSE payscales and range from 26601 to 40911 depending on experience.
Values in Practice Policy Statement: Duties & Responsibilities of Instructor/Job Coach
Person-centred approach
The individuality and uniqueness of each person availing of services and supports is respected, valued and supported through a person-centred planning process.
  • To ensure that the service-users receive the highest standard of training, education, care and development in accordance with the policies of the Hospitaller Order of St John of God.
  • Connectedness, supporting daily living and lifelong learning in the Community
    Each individual is informed, supported and facilitated to connect with and live in their community in a way that meets their choices, preferences and desires.  
  • To identify and promote opportunities for meaningful participation and integration for service users in their community through education, employment, leisure pursuits and social roles.
    • To support the development of an overall progression and access strategy to further employment.
    • To be responsible for the implementation of independent travel policies, practices and procedures.
    Individuals' rights as equal citizens, as enshrined in international human rights instruments and Irish Law, are respected, affirmed, promoted and protected.
  • To understand the meaning of individual rights and responsibilities, informed consent and due process and apply the principles of a Human Rights Based Approach in all interactions with individuals.
    • To support advocacy initiatives, encouraging service users to be actively involved in decisions making.
    Each individual is supported to define and fulfil their need for friendships and personal relationships in accordance with their needs and wishes.
  • To seek to involve service users' chosen natural support network in the person centred planning process, and to always look to build people's natural supports, by forming and maintaining friendships with peers and community members to the extent desired.
  • Personal information
    Each individual is supported by appropriate record keeping.  Individuals are supported to understand how their personal information is managed, have access to personal information and are involved in decisions with regard to the use of, and access to, that information.
  • To support a Total Communication approach within the Service, ensuring ongoing improvement in the accessibility of information for service users.
    • To maintain and promote good communication and relationships with and between all disciplines of staff, within the department and the overall Service.
    Each individual's right to privacy and dignity is respected and promoted.  Individuals are protected from unwanted intrusions in their life.
  • To ensure that service users are only supported as much as is required and to foster an ethos of increasing people's independence in self-care.
    Health care interventions are personalised and effective in facilitating best possible health as defined by the individual's unique characteristics and requirements.
  • To ensure appropriate record keeping as required.
    • To support service users, staff and people's wider circle of support involvement in individual's health plans and reviews, including providing written and/or verbal feedback to clinicians as required.
  • Safety
    Due diligence is exercised to ensure that environments that people live, work and socialise in meet with all the necessary applicable standards related to safety.
  • To be familiar with the relevant Safety, Health and Welfare legislation and the responsibilities of the local supervisor as described in the Order's Risk management Policy; particularly in relation to manual handling, adverse incidents and infection control.
    • To be aware of your duties and responsibilities with regards to proper standards of decorum, hygiene and cleanliness.
    • To utilize facilities, equipment and materials responsibly ensuring minimum waste at all times.
    • To report incidents/accidents of service-users/staff/volunteers immediately to the Supervisor.
    • To carry out the duties of the bus escort as required.
    • To liaise with families, work-place contacts, staff and
    significant others to ensure a safe, professional service.
  • Safeguarding and protection
    Individuals are protected from fear, abuse, neglect, mistreatment and exploitation.
  • To be responsible for the prompt response to all accidents, incidents, near misses and allegations involving service users and staff and ensure that the Supervisor is notified immediately. To participate as required in any investigations and risk assessments.
    Administrative, financial, human resource and support functions promote personal outcomes in an integrated way in order to provide a comprehensive range of services which meets the immediate and long-term needs of each individual.
  • To be responsible for ensuring that all resources i.e. staff, time, space, building, equipment, materials are used effectively and safely.
    • To carry out assigned administrative duties.
    • To be familiar with the Order's and Services Policies and Procedures.
    • To participate in in-service training as required.
  • Religious Freedom and Expression
    Each individual's fundamental right to express and practice their own religious beliefs is acknowledged and supported.
  • To promote the Order's Policy on Pastoral Care
    Quality Systems are in place, which promote an integrated person-centred approach to Quality of Life.
  • To participate in the implementation of agreed quality standards, providing data / information as required.
    • To be responsible for advising the Supervisor on a regular basis of all developments in his / her area of responsibility
  • ACCESSIBLE communication
    Every individual has the right to communicate in accordance with their needs and wishes.
  • To support the implementation of Positive  Behaviour Plans, including skills teaching programmes and alternative communication strategies.
    • To promote the use of visual communication aids and non-verbal communication strategies between service users, staff, natural supports and community members.
    The person employed may be required/requested at any time to work in another Group/Department taking into consideration the overall needs of the Service.
    The person employed needs to be available from time to time outside normal working hours to perform the above duties.
    The person will be required to carry out other such duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Supervisor, Manager or Director including the direct supervision of service-users as agreed with the Supervisor or as required.
    This job description is not exhaustive and may be revised to take account of any changes which may occur in the future.
    Person Specification
    Knowledge, Skills and Experience Required
    Essential Desirable
  • Recognised, relevant and validated qualification. Professional attitude.
  • Experience of working with adults with intellectual disabilities.
  • 2 years experience of working with adults with moderate/severe intellectual disabilities.
  • Excellent communication, team-work, administrative, co-ordination, analytical and interpersonal skills.
  • Management/Supervisory experience.
  • Skills teaching.
  • Innovation, resourcefulness, ability to cope in a crisis.
  • Flexible approach to work.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office, Photoshop and Boardmaker.
  • Resource management experience.
  • Understanding of POMS process.
  • Experience of POMS process.
  • Understanding of Risk Management.
  • Risk Assessment experience.
  • Understanding of Human Rights and Advocacy Concepts.
  • Experience of Human Rights and Advocacy.
  • Working experience of community integration and building social capital.
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