Social Care Leader


Job Description

Leading National voluntary organisation are looking to employ a Home manager/Social care worker for a 12 month contract.
The Home Manager/Social Care Worker is responsible for the overall management of the house within their responsibility. Ensuring implementation of the programme of total care and safety of each service user in their care.
  1. Ensuring an environment is created that is conducive to the well being of the service users. Maintaining the highest standards of professional care and safety in the management of the home for the benefit of the service users.
  2. Create and maintain good inter-personal relationships in all areas of work.
  3. Implementing the process of person centeredness.  Implementing and reviewing person centred plans, encouraging sharing of ideas and learning from relevant projects.  Involve parents and families as required.
  4. Implementing quality assurance processes and auditing these on a regular basis.  Identifying areas for quality improvement and work with team members to improve processes as may be required.  
  5. Keeping the area managers abreast of changes to service user needs or any significant issues relating to the home.  Promoting good relations with the local community.  Integration of service users into the community.
  6. Promote self development, independence and the individuality of each service user placing an emphasis on their social education and development within service guidelines.
  7. Promoting and encouraging service users to be actively involved in all aspects of their lives with a view to developing independence in the activities of daily living.
  8. Ensuring family involvement in each of the service areas.  Ensuring service users are integrated as far as possible into the local community.  Promoting good working relations with the general public.
  9. Ensure active participation in religious programmes and that they are in accordance with the ethos of the Daughters of Charity.
  10. Ensuring that staff within the home are accountable for the proper use and maintenance of all equipment, and keeping inventories of all supplies, stocks and provisions.

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