Social Care Leader


Job Description

Our Client is a well established care provider for residential childcare and people with an intellectual disability.
They are currently seeking a Social Care manager to manage a residence with 4 service users and to lead the staff in maintaining the highest level of individualised care.
Salary is from  euro 47089 -55852.
Main Purpose of the Post
The project includes the management of a residential unit for individuals with Autistic Spectrum disorder and may include future developments to meet the needs of service users, with learning disability and a range of complex needs.
Specific Responsibilities
1 Service Users
(i) To ensure, in conjunction with the Assistant Director that all work within the Project is participant focused and upholds the principles of respect, privacy, dignity, fulfillment, independence and choice.
(ii) To participate in an assessment of applicants to the project, as required.
(iii) To liaise closely with relatives and carers of residents, ensuring confidentiality.
  1. To assist in organising and overseeing the development of rehabilitation
programmes of care, assessments and reviews for participants on an individial basis.
2 Staff
(i) To participate in the selection, appointment and induction of staff to ensure that there is a team of both permanent and relief workers who will meet the needs of the Project.
(ii) To provide effective leadership, supervision and management of staff.
(iii) To manage workloads and identify and address staff development needs.
(iv) To conduct regular staff meetings and ensure objectives and methods of work with each individual within the Project are understood.
(v) Where appropriate, to participate in all matters concerning discipline, grievance, untoward incidents and complaints.
  1. To help monitor and keep detailed records of staff's annual leave, time-in-lieu and sick leave.
(vii) To personally contribute towards a happy and therapeutic environment and to the working of a caring team.
3 Community
  1. To develop good relationships with church and community groups and to keep these informed on the nature and progress of the Project, as appropriate.
  1. To meet with neighbours in the immediate vicinity of the Project to describe the nature of the Project, as appropriate.
  1. To contribute to public education about learning disability, mental ill health, challenging behaviours and community care, by giving short talks to community groups as appropriate.
3 Administration
(i) To plan, prioritise, monitor and evaluate the work carried out in the Project.
  1. To ensure that adequate records are maintained and necessary reports, including untoward/critical incidents, are produced.
  1. To assist in the development of communication systems for staff so that a record of day to day interaction with those within the Project is maintained.
  1. To ensure that medication is held, stored and administered in accordance with Praxis Care's Medication Policy.
(v) To assist in the organisation of efficient and effective duty rotas.
 (vi) To have a sound knowledge of all policies, standards and specifications of the Project.
  1. To report the need for repairs and maintenance work in the Project to the appropriate agency.
(viii) To ensure that Legislation and Inspection Requirements are met in all pertinent areas.
5 Project Development
  1. To assist the Assistant Director with the development of the Project and to formulate any policies which promote quality of care and ensure the rights of the service user.
    2. 6 Finance
    4. (i) To follow Praxis Care's financial procedures and ensure all monies are correctly accounted.
    9. 7 Meetings and Training
    11. (i) To liaise appropriately with carers, other professional staff, voluntary bodies and community groups in the furtherance of the clients' needs.
      1.   To initiate, plan and facilitate induction and training packages for all staff.
8 Office/Health and Safety
(i) To be aware of and act in accordance with Praxis Care's Health and Safety Policy.
(ii) To conduct all activities in a manner which is safe to yourself and others.
9 General
(i) To liaise with the Assistant Director on policy and matters of concern.
(ii) To provide written reports.
(iii) To participate in committees/working groups as appropriate to the duties of the post.
(iv) To carry out other duties as required.

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