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Job Description

Sunbeam House Services provides a range of supports to adults with intellectual disabilities.  We aim to empower people with the necessary skills to live full and satisfying lives as equal citizens of their local communities.
They are currently seeking to employ a qualified Client Services Manager.
The primary function of the Client Services Manager is to promote, develop and implement the aims and objectives of the location in line with the company's strategic development plan.
The following is a list of the principal duties and responsibilities involved, but is by no means exhaustive:
  • Responsible for the management of client care and the development of Individual Programmes of personal, vocational and social development for each client so as to ensure the highest quality and effective service delivery to the client subject to the overall direction and supervision of the Senior Services Manager.
  • Delegate appropriate responsibility and authority to the level of staff within his/her control and consistent with effective decision making whilst retaining overall responsibility and accountability for outcome.
  • Participate in assessing, planning, implementing and evaluating client care.
  • Liaise with the families of the services user and other agencies involved in service provision, as appropriate
  • Ensure that the regulation concerning the ordering, storage, control and administration and recording of medicines and controlled drugs are adhered to by all staff in accordance with company policy and HIQA.
  • Ensure that all documents & reports pertaining to client care is maintained to a high standard in compliance with company and HIQA.
  • Promote the ethos and culture of quality assurance within the area, identifying and establishing benchmarks to be used to measure standards.
  • Monitor & audit the delivery of care so as to establish that professional standards are being met, improved where possible and report serious problems that interfere with standards of client care to Senior services manager or other relevant personnel.
  • At all times act as client advocate dealing with and report any matters to the attention of the Senior Services Manager.
Operational Management
  • Responsible for the efficient, effective day to day management of the specified locations and the creation of an atmosphere conducive to the best interests of the
  • Clients subject to the overall direction and supervision of the Senior Services Manager
  • To have an overall view of the workload, the experience and skill mix of staff and to allocate staff in a fair and equitable manner so as to ensure adequate cover to achieve continuity of care and a high standard of service delivery.
  • Implement a systematic method for the allocation of duties and responsibilities to all support staff in agreement with existing company policies.
  • Co-operate with the wider organisation structure in the management of all resources and the implementation of policies.
  • Manage all monetary resources efficiently and effectively within agreed budgets to ensure the continuous quality improvement within the location and service. Ensure that all commodities used in and around the locations are sensibly conserved by all Staff Members
  • Organise and plan and minute regular meetings with all staff reporting to the post holder to discuss outcomes of care delivery and take suggestions on how the service could be improved and ensure staff sign and agree minutes.
  • Participate & attend various working groups within SHS as necessary.
  • Ensure that the all locations are safe working environments for all clients, staff and visitors. Ensure that all staff is familiar with and comply all HIQA and SHS policy and procedures.
  • Report, record and deal with in conjunction with Seniors Services Manager and the HR Department any incident, accident or untoward occurrence within the locations.  
  • Ensure that all staff are aware of the procedure and responsibilities for completing incident report forms and statements and take all possible steps to safeguard the welfare and safety of service users, staff and visitors.
  • Lead and implement change, review and amend patterns of work as necessary to make the best use of human and other resources.
  • Be proactive in planning and re-locating clients to smaller houses and plan rosters for staff to cover these locations.
People Management
  • To help lead staff in a positive manner to understand the future moves and downsizing large locations.
  • Responsible for organising, developing and maintaining staff rosters and ensuring that roster details are input onto the Time Management System (TMS) in use by the organisation. Responsible for ensuring the regular clearing of staff anomalies and monthly payroll reports on the TMS system.    
  • Responsible for monitoring and managing staff's time and attendance and absenteeism.
  • Responsible for ensuring own participation with TMS to ensure that own time and attendance and leave absence are accurately recorded.
  • Exercise leadership to achieve high morale & staff motivation based on sound organisation, fair and clear relationships, good communication and personal accountability.
  • Ensure specific location induction programme and supervision of all new staff and staff who have transferred from other internal locations
  • Provide accurate objective reviews of employee's performance and development. Advise and counsel staff where appropriate.
  • Address and Manage  all grievance and disciplinary matters and performance issues in accordance with company policy
  • Promote good working relations with and between all grades of staff utilizing negotiation skills so as to avoid and/or positively resolve any conflicts.
  • Reporting to the Senior Services Manager on a regular basis on the effective operation of each location
  • Provide information and support for clients and relatives in a manner that is health promoting and person centred.
  • Deal with any queries or problems presented by the client or their relatives and refer these to the Senior Services Manager as necessary.
  • Maintain good relations with all colleagues to maintain continuity of service both within locations and the wider organisation environment
Continuous Professional Development
  • Responsible for the maintenance and development of own knowledge of relevant professional matters, particularly in the area of intellectual disability, for the continuous improvement of professional standards in the location.
  • Maintain and improve professional knowledge and competence. Keep professionally updated in all areas of clinical expertise & practice.
  • Attend mandatory training days/ courses, on or off site, as and when required.
  • Supervise and instruct staff in all aspects of their work giving help and guidance where appropriate.
  • Responsible for ensuring all compulsory training of staff is current and up to date and staff are allocated sufficient times to carry out all training. Ensure that all new staff have received induction training prior to start and that all existing staff undertake a re-induction programme at least every 5 years.
  • Responsible for the provision of a supportive and effective learning environment providing maximum learning opportunities for all staff.
  • Participate in and assist with the identification, development and delivery of education, training and development programmes for all staff.
  • Record all staff training completed externally on the Time Management system
  • Participate in the identification, development and delivery of education, training and development programmes for all staff.
  • Supervise and assess students undertaking work experience and foster a learning environment.

  • Ensure staff are fully informed on all matters affecting the long-term and day-to-day running of the services and that lines of communication are clear and implemented by all staff.
  • Foster good working relationships between colleagues and other staff by maintaining a high professional standard.
  • Manage and promote effective communication and liaison between other locations and relevant service providers.
  • Provide support and supportive supervision to all staff where appropriate.
  • All client's information, records and documentation should be kept up to date.
  • Assist Senior Services Manager in regard to compiling and presenting reports as required
  • Maintain strict confidentiality in relation to staff and service users
  • Qualification in Frontline Management.
  • BA in Applied Management (Non Profit) Human Services or HETAC Level 7 Qualification in Social Studies, Social Care, Applied Social Studies - Social Care, Training & Education - Supported Employment, Applied Social Studies (Disability) or foreign equivalent.  
  • Full clean Drivers licence.
  • Certificate in ECDL / Comparable IT Qualification or fully competent in the use of PC including Microsoft Outlook, Word and PowerPoint.
Applicant must have:
  • A minimum of 3 years post qualification experience in the Intellectual Disability sector.
  • A minimum of 3 years Supervisory or Management experience.
  • Ability to demonstrate a strong commitment to the values of SHS to improve the lives of our service users.
  • Excellent leadership and motivation skills.
  • Excellent organisation and communication skills.
  • Ability to manage budget and delivery of service excellence.
  • High initiative and integrity.
  • Must have knowledge of all relevant legislation and HIQA Standards and a proven ability to implement standards and regulations.
  • Experience in delivering an individualised client focused service.
  • Experience in strategic and local change management.
Evidence of continuous professional development and training

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