Irish: a nurse for Lagan Valley

The promise of Northern Ireland

Irish Ducusin had just finished a night shift when she came for an interview with TTM Healthcare in the Philippines on 17th May. 

Exhausted from working from 6pm to 6am on in a small community hospital, Irish was desperate not to miss out on her chance to work with the HSC (Health and Social Care Trust) in Northern Ireland. She wanted the better lifestyle and career opportunities that work in Northern Ireland promised.

Welcome to the Northern Ireland nursing family  

Roisin and Janet from the HSC were both at the interview centre to welcome Irish.  Delighted with her professionalism and compassion, the two women were concerned that Irish’s interview was not scheduled until 5pm. They knew that by 5pm Irish would be exhausted and hungry. There was no way she could fulfill her full potential at interview. The panel asked Irish to go home and come back the next day.

Passing with flying colours

She did and passed her interview with flying colors. Roisin said, “Following a good rest, Irish showed her true potential at interview. We are delighted that she agreed to return and we look forward to welcoming her to Lagan Valley Hospital in Northern Ireland”

The whole panel was delighted: Irish’s potential was too good to lose and they are convinced that she will contribute positively to the Northern Ireland nursing family. 

 “I am very happy today”  

Irish was so thankful, “Ma’am Roisin and Ma’am Janet were very nice to me, they have given me an opportunity to fulfill my dreams.” Looking forward to the future, Irish said “I will do my best to contribute to nursing in Northern Ireland. I am very happy today” 

Applying to the HSC, Northern Ireland

TTM Healthcare will travel to the Philippines with the HSC again in August. To be considered for an interview, please submit the information requested below. We will distribute all referrals to our partners in the Philippines who are POEA accredited recruitment partners.

Requested information
Nurses wishing to apply please provide your:

  • Name
  • PRC No
  • Email Address
  • Contact Telephone Number

Applicants must have a recognised nursing degree or equivalent qualification. You must be be a registered nurse in the Philippines with a minimum of 1 year’s post registration experience within the last 3 years.

Contact details
Please only send your information to one of the email addresses below. Select the Trust you would most like to join in Northern Ireland. This selection is not final, just an indication of preference

Belfast Health and Social Care Trust:
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